September 2008

Carnival of Rock and Roll - October 2008

Time for another Carnival of Rock 'n' Roll. September certainly seemed to fly by for me, not to sure about anyone else out there, but October is already looking promising if this carnival is anything to go by.. let's get right to it, shall we?

Ari from Smart Music Review is not only starting off our carnival this month, but is also discussing one of my favorite albums in: Rage Against the Machine: The Battle of Los Angeles

Smashing Pumpkins Announce DVD and 20th Anniversary Tour

Well it is finally official... the much anticipated (at least for us Pumpkins fans) 20th anniversary tour of the Smashing Pumpkins. 2008 marks the 20th year for this band and I've certainly been glad they've been around that long providing us with amazing music the whole time.

Mourning Pink Floyd Keyboardist and Founding Member Richard Wright

It seems as if this has been a harder year than most in terms of rock and roll related deaths, and today I am sorry to say that that trend continues with another major loss. Richard Wright, keyboardist and founding member of Pink Floyd passed away yesterday at the age of 65 after a long battle with cancer.

A Little Music to Help Weather the Storm

It's been rough times here in the midwestern USA. Recent storms have caused ridiculous flooding, but I'm sure it's only a taste of what it's like down in Texas and the south. Hurricane Ike has hit pretty hard it seem and l though good preparation and the hard work of a lot of brave people has hopefully kept casualties to a minimum, it's still a difficult situation. I'm sure everyone is doing everything they can to help those effected by recent storms either by physically doing what they can, or just by keeping them in their thoughts.

Thoughts on the New Metallica Album, Leaks, Downloads, Fan Reactions and Why Record Labels Should Take Notice

As some of you may be aware, it's been exciting times in the world of rock recently. Rumors are flying left and right and there's been plenty of controversy as well, what with certain political parties deciding to use some "unlicensed" music as part of their campaign. Amongst all of that though, there was an album, first leaked and now released from a little metal band called Metallica. Death Magnetic is the name of the new album and Metallica fans have been clamoring to hear the new music, especially after it was unfortunately leaked shortly before the release date.

Rock and Roll Feature: Recap of the Features so Far

You may not realize it if you haven't been following the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll for that long, but it's almost been two years since I started writing these rock and roll features.

Carnival of Rock and Roll - September 2008

Man, am I glad that August is over. I don't know about the rest of you, but it sure was a hectic month on my end. September is looking to be busy as well, if not busier, but hopefully there won't be nearly as many surprises along the way. Enough about that though, lets get this month started off right with a high quality Carnival of Rock 'n' Roll and hopefully the positive vibes will carry through the rest of September.


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