August 2009

Remembering Les Paul, a True Musical Innovator

The rock and roll and guitar communities have unfortunately lost a true legend in the past few days. Les Paul passed away last Thursday from complications with pneumonia. He was 94 years old and was still playing clubs and making music right up into the end.

Thoughts on Lollapalooza 2009 and Them Crooked Vultures

So we are a few days post Lollapalooza 2009 now. Unfortunately financial difficulties (a fancy way of saying "lack of money") prevented me from going this year. I scrimped and saved, but unforeseen headaches arose and things fell through... a shame too because it sounds like it was a pretty sweet three days.

Rock and Roll Feature: Unlock the Multifaceted Octahedron with the Mars Volta

This is the thirtieth in a series of Rock & Roll features I'm writing for this site. I'm a rock and roller, so this column is a way for me to feature a different album that I like, from different genres every month.

Today I put forward what is the 30th Rock and Roll feature I've done in the past 2-1/2+ years. There's been a lot of variety, albums new and old, during that stretch and each one remains a favorite of mine for some reason or another to this day.

Carnival of Rock and Roll-August 2009

This month's carnival was almost delayed permanently due to a series of technical problems, but all the kinks have been worked out and we're now up and running better than ever. It looks to be a good one too... lots of variety, newcomers, welcome regulars... all sorts of good stuff.

So without further delay, the Carnival of Rock 'n' Roll for August 2009:


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