January 2010

Jane's Addiction Going Into the Studio?

Who would have thought when I glanced through the music headlines this morning that I would see a brief blurb about Jane's Addiction supposedly returning to the studio... all of them, the original line up.

No New Featured Album this Month


Hello everyone, early 2010 is proving to be a busy time here at the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll.

New content is on the way, no worries. I was planning a really great new Rock and Roll feature too, but in writing it I decided that I really wanted to do a little more research and make sure I did it right. It is taking longer than expected though, so I've decided to postpone it until next month.

Carnival of Rock and Roll–January 2010

It's Carnival of Rock 'n' Roll time again... the very first carnival of 2010. This month will be another more mellow carnival (at least compared to come of the massive ones of the past), but I'm not complaining. There were lots of interesting things submitted and I really enjoyed taking a read.


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