January 2011

New Music from the Strokes on the Way

It's been a good 5 years since we had new music from the band that brought the sounds of 60s garage rock back to the mainstream, but they're coming back with new music this spring. That's right, the Strokes have recently announced that their new album, tentatively titled “Angels”, is supposed to be released March 21 2011.

The Black Keys Bring in the New Year of 2011 With Real Rock and Roll

Where were you on New Years? Partying it up in some glitzy club? Down in Time Square freezing off various body parts? No no no... a true rock and roller was where I was... At one of 3 (or multiple) Black Keys concerts in Chicago!

Rock and Roll Feature: Paul McCartney's Band on the Run Takes Wings to a Whole New Level

This is the thirty-fifth in a series of Rock & Roll features I'm writing for this site. I'm a rock and roller, so this column is a way for me to feature a different album that I like, from different genres every month.

Carnival of Rock and Roll–January 2011

And rising from the ashes of an... let's say interesting... year of 2010, we have the first Carnival of Rock 'n' Roll of 2011. In fact this is more than just the first carnival of 2011, but the first of what I am hoping is a bit of a rebirth for the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll.


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