ASHES dIVIDE: New Music from Billy Howerdel

Where as some musicians are satisfied with their own bands, or projects, others feel the need to branch out into multiple projects, each with it's own unique style and vibe. I can appreciate that... sometimes as an artist you are most creative when pursuing different ventures at different times. With bands it's especially interesting to see how different musicians work in different environments and with different people, often creating something completely unique.

The only downside to these multiple projects is that it often takes much longer between album releases. Take the infamous Maynard James Keenan, member of Tool, A Perfect Circle and now Puscifer as well. All great projects, but there have been gaps of 5 years between records for Tool, and just as long for A Perfect Circle. Both are great bands, but I wish we had more music from each.

Luckily we may have an interlude while waiting for A Perfect Circle to come back together to record, in the form of ASHES dIVIDE. This interestingly written (what with the caps and all) band is actually the solo project from A Perfect Circle guitarist and co-founder: Billy Howerdel. Rumored to be a long time coming, the first single has finally been released (well a few days ago at least) and I recently got to check it out.

"The Stone" reminds me a lot of A Perfect Circle, but I've only been listening to it briefly so far so I'll let each person make up your own mind. It's a pretty interesting track none the less though from a very talented musician, so if you're a fan of A Perfect Circle, or even if you're not... check it out. I know I'm looking forward to hearing more from this album when it's finally released on March 18th 2008.

You can play the track via Ultimate Guitar here:

You can also check out the ASHES dIVIDE myspace page here:


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