Contacted About a New Music Publicity Site: Ariel Publicity

Although, the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll, and my other sites do get a fair amount of email related to the sites, most of it is spam, or specifically related to ventures I'm undertaking for that site, but every so often I get emailed something that seems somewhat interesting.

Just the other day I received an email from Ariel Publicity, saying that they signed me up for an account on their new site, designed to promote artists directly to music blogs, other places on the Internet etc, based on my musical preferences. Although, I wasn't too keen about them signing me up without telling me, the concept seemed interesting and typically I am all for new ways for bands to promote their music (as long as it isn't email spam or something else annoying).

You can find the site here:

I've briefly been in touch with their representatives and have only glanced through my account so far, but if they can find new music that fits my musical tastes, I think it is worth my while. Especially seeing as how my tastes tend to stay away from bands that have debuted in the past 10 years or so. I'm going to check it out in what little free time I have, with the hope being that I might find some new artists to promote though the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll.

Sites like this are bound to spring up more and more as music promotion moves more to the Internet, (in fact I've seen them springing up in the short time I've been running the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll). If you're like me and believe that in a few years (if we're not overrun by computer hackers and cyber criminals) the Internet will become the primary place for artists to promote, than seeing another site like this should be no surprise.

I'm all for Internet promotion, as long as it continues to allow independent artists to gain exposure and isn't overtaken by the marketing gone awry, bands and music crafted to sell, trend that at times seems to have claimed the music mainstream.

Overall, it does seem like something worth checking out if you're a music blogger, as it might help a few new bands get some exposure.

For band, it might even be more worth your while as you might be able to get your music directly into the hands of those most likely to appreciate it.

If I decide to pursue any of the artists that I find through this site, I'll make sure to mention it in future posts.


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