Guitarist Series: Guitar Bonding, Have You Played Your Guitar Today?

Unfortunately it's been a few days since I was last able to play my guitars. Schedules and other things (like working) just kept getting in the way of having some quality time with my guitars. It's a sad day when a guitarist doesn't get to play his guitars. It's like two friends who just can't seem to find the time to get together and hang out, but with guitars and music.

Ok, that might not sound like the best analogy, but playing any instrument does involve a sort of "bonding" where the musician becomes attached to their instrument. instruments are more than just objects and more than just tools because they allow us to express ourselves in ways that we cannot on our own. That has a special kind of significances that causes bones to develop. It's not the same for everyone, but sometimes a musician just finds that perfect match that fits them best and the bond is formed. Guitarists especially seem to become very attached to their instruments even naming them often times. This can make playing your guitar just like... guitar bonding per say.

Just as there is a special bond and chemistry between good friends, there is the same kind of connection and bond between a musician and their favorite instrument. Some people might think it's a little silly to become attached to a guitar and that the idea of naming said guitar might even sillier, and in a way they're right. A guitar is only wood and wires and magnets all arranged for a specific purpose. What they don't understand though is that a guitar also contains all the emotions that have been conveyed with it. When you play that special guitar, it's like sitting down and reminiscing about all the memories with an old friend, and of course making new memories as well.

I don't know about you, but this does make me, well, miss my "guitar bonding" time if I don't get to play for a number of days. Alright, that's a bit too sentimental I'll admit, but I do think that this idea of bonding with your instrument is a good thing for guitarists and other musicians. Just like the extra comfort you feel around your closest friend might allow you to be just a little bit closer to who you really are, that extra bond with your special instrument will let you express yourself that much easier.

Go ahead, name your guitars and find your favorites and send plenty of time guitar bonding. It may be sentimental and even a little silly, but that guitar might end up just being one of your best friends.

Outside of bonding, there's also another reason to play your guitars as often as possible, again outside of just because you want to. Instruments, especially one's made out of wood for some reason, seem to respond better when they are played regularly. That's what instruments are made for and they like to be played.

So, do you miss your friend... have you played your guitar today?


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