Online Tribute Concert to Rory Gallagher

One of the great things about running a music site is that people from all over the Internet like to email you all sorts of music related links. The suggestions the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll receives from it's readers and other blog browers are always great, but I do get a fair amount of Spam and junk as well. Occasionally though something catches my eye that I might have dismissed on first glance on a different day. Yesterday something caught my eye, an email from Woozyfly. The tag line speaks for itself:

" to Present Exclusive Tribute Concert to Blues and Rock Guitar Legend Rory Gallagher on December 21st"

Some of the people slated to perform this tribute, "The Spirit of Rory Gallagher," include: Jeff Simon (drummer for George Thorogood), Innes Sibun (Guitarist for Robert Plant), Roger Earl (drummer for Foghat), Pete Brown (lyricist for Cream and vocalist for Jack Bruce), Kerry Kearney (Guitarist for the Kerry Kearney Band), Nathaniel Peterson (bassist and vocalist for Savory Brown) and Vince Converse (guitarist for Sunset Heights).

This definitely sounds like an event worth checking out if you get the chance as, to quote Arnie Goodman from the email I received again... "Rory Gallagher's music should be seen and heard by generations of fans... Enjoy the show and witness the music of a true guitar legend as done by hist proteges"

I first heard about Rory Gallagher (or at least first really checked out his music) through my work with the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll... on Youtube actually. I had heard about him for years and just never got around to checking him out, but when I did, I was floored immediately by the raw passion he puts into his playing and how intense and exciting his guitar work is. Since then I've checked out a lot more of Gallagher's music and I'm still floored every time I hear something new. It's great to hear that other people are taking some time to play tribute to such a great musician, especially one like Rory who often goes unappreciated for no reason. I'm also glad to hear that there are some media outlets online willing to host this event for people who might be interested. I know I'll be tuning in as soon as I can today and thought there might be a few other people out their who would really dig this event too. looks like an interesting music site as well and worth checking out a little more in depth as well when you can. Here's a little press release from them:

"WoozyFly is an online music media company devoted to independent music that has deconstructed the traditional model and is introducing a completely new approach to music. Among the strategic alliances and partnerships that Woozyfly has are major indie labels including Blackheart Records Group, Robbins Entertainment, Eagle Rock Entertainment, Defend Music and The End Records., a multimedia network where artists, fans and EJs (Electronic Jockeys) can dynamically interact together on one site using the latest intuitive technology, has more than 1000 bands representing 16 musical genres. Fans, Artists and Ejs can create their own music shows, share videos and tracks, view WoozyFly's very own produced programs featuring the hottest artists on the site, as well as keep in touch with the latest news from some of the world's finest independent artists."

So check it out if you're a fan of the blues or even if you're not, and help keep the spirit of Rory Gallagher alive through enjoyment of his music. You can find this tribute here:

Oh, and if you're really interested in Rory's music, check out his albums as there are some gems.


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