Rock & Roll Being Used for Mind Control? It is only Rock and Roll but I Like It.

Through the course of scouring the Internet one day for interesting music related topics, I happened across on particular site that discussed how rock and roll has and is being used to control the public's mind through subliminal messages.

If you're familiar with rock and roll legend, this is nothing new. Some of the biggest bands ever to exist have been accused of using subliminal messages to influence the public to do everything from take drugs to worship Satan; some pretty serious charges.

This site read slightly different though than most of the music conspiracies I've seen. It claimed that some high ranking world officials were in control and using pop music though the years to change the world into some sort of godless socialist new world order. That does seem slightly more serious than random Satan worshiping and drug use. As with all conspiracies there wasn't much evidence but I give the author credit because he said he wasn't trying to deter anyone from listening to this music, just to be more aware of why it was created etc. I didn't think much of it and after a quick chuckle I clicked off the page and that was that.

I thought about that possibility more and now, maybe it's just my logic, but doesn't it seem more likely that if anyone is putting subliminal messages into our music, that it is the record labels trying to convince us that whatever band their marketing is what we should be listening to? That sounds slightly more plausible to me than trying to change the world into some new world order or even encouraging drug use. Still, conspiracies will always exist and a wide spread and popular media like music (specifically rock and pop music because of the emotional connection people feel with it) seems like the perfect vehicle if there was some form of subliminal mind control taking place.

I don't know if any of these conspiracies are true and to be honest I don't really care. Rock and roll makes me happy, I like it and I'm not the only one for whom this is true. Even if there is some form of subliminal messages in our music, I still make my own decisions. For me, music is what I make of it, not what any subliminal message tells me to make of it.

Besides, even if I am being subliminally influenced, something like rock 'n' roll, that makes so many people happy, can't be all bad.

Then again maybe I have been brainwashed to say that by "the man" and I'm really a media puppet dancing at their every whim.

You'd think as a puppet I'd get free concert tickets or something.


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