Thoughts on, and Suggestions for, Holiday Radio

As today is the day after Christmas, officially making it (at least partially) "post holiday season", I think it's alright for me to voice my gripe about holiday radio without sounding like I have no holiday spirit. Now don't get me wrong, I only really listen to the radio to begin with when I'm driving somewhere, but even during that short time I just can't take holiday radio as played here in Chicago. That isn't a knock against holiday songs at all as I have quite a few holiday songs that I think are amazing. No... it's about repetition of a theme, namely the holiday theme.

I have no problem listening to entire albums by a band. In fact, I have no problem listening to entire catalogs by a band for weeks on end as my musical tastes go in cycles, which whatever current favorite sound taking precedence. Here in Chicago though, holiday radio starts before Thanksgiving, around the middle of November actually, and by the time the actual holidays come, I'm holiday music'd out. You might be thinking: "Now wait, aren't these holiday radio stations typically stations a true rocker wouldn't be listening to anyways?" and "Why don't you just change the station then?"... both valid points, BUT... I don't want to be completely without holiday music, I just don't want to have it rammed down my throat non stop whenever I want to listen to a song or two... or go out various places where the radio is always on. I think music is a big part of the winter (and other) holiday seasons, so I certainly don't want to eliminate holiday music all together. There are some amazing holiday songs, but it's gotten to the point where I don't put on holiday music at all during the season. I just don't want to be bombarded with the same tracks and themes again. Instead, I continue with my typical music regiment and very very sparsely listen to a track or two in the holiday spirit when I'm feeling especially cheerful.

I think it's really about the theme. Holiday songs do have a variety of emotions and thematic ideas, but they have one that is consistent throughout... the holidays. After a while, I just don't want to hear about "the holidays" anymore. I don't understand people who listen to holiday music non stop during this time of year. I'm not attacking anyone who does, I just can't do it and don't understand how other people can. Maybe it is because I'm a lot more attached to my music than other people emotionally. It's more than just background music to me, it correlates to my moods.

Anyways, I would like to make a suggestion to holiday radio stations. Can we please wait at least until December to start rotating the holiday play list? Or better yet, and I've seen a few of the stations in Chicago have started doing this so hopefully others have too, start just interspersing a few holiday related number amongst the regular bands?

Maybe it's just me who feels this way... and that's fine as each person is entitled to their opinion as always... but it's gotten to where I felt like ranting. I should have really titled this one "Ranting on Holiday Radio" as that's really how it was written, after one holiday song too many.

Oh well, if you love holiday radio... great. If you're like me and think maybe it's just a little too much, especially when they start way to far in advance... that's great too. We can change the station together.


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