Carnivals of Rock 'n' Roll

Our monthly blog carnival, the Carnival of Rock 'n' Roll.

Carnival of Rock and Roll-July 2009

Alright, its July, it's summer...although it's still in the high 60s (F) here in Chicago some days, not exactly summer weather... and its time to bring you more rock and roll meanderings from fellow music enthusiasts... It's time for the Carnival of Rock 'n' Roll of course!

Carnival of Rock and Roll-June 2009

Hey there all you rock and rollers out there. It's carnival time again! This continues to be one of my favorite parts of running this site month after month as it's nice to see that there's plenty of other bloggers/writers out there with a passion for music and the desire to share it with others.

Anyways, that's enough of an introduction I'm sure, lets get right down to it.

Carnival of Rock and Roll-May 2009

Here we are, Carnival of Rock 'n' Roll time. Short carnival this month... short but sweet. Good material submitted, but I had to be relatively strict with my "on topic" rule and I guess that kept the number of inclusions down. It's ok though, because I think you'll really enjoy more than a few of the contributed materials this month.

Let's get to it.

Carnival of Rock and Roll-April 2009

Well back in late March it seemed as if the planets would align and I would finally, for the first time in months, be able to publish a Carnival of Rock 'n' Roll actually on the day I planned to. Everything was worked out, scheduled and I was ready, but as usual, it didn't come to pass quite as anticipated.

Carnival of Rock and Roll - March 2009

It's carnival time again here at the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll. Some really good contributions this month... but then again, this carnival is kind of lucky and gets good responses every month.

So, without further ado, here's the March 2009 Carnival of Rock 'n' Roll.

To start out, we have Jonathon from Liberal England who takes a look at one of the all time great (and one of my personal favorite) "Super Groups", Blind Faith, here: Blind Faith: Under my Thumb

Carnival of Rock and Roll - February 2009

Apparently I wasn't the only blogger who didn't get as much time to write last month as I would have liked. Although there were still a good number of entries to the carnival this month, most of the posts were submitted by a choice few... not that there's anything wrong with that as there were still some great reads. Still it seemed like there was less to be said about music this past month. That doesn't surprise me as Jan 2009 was quite a busy month with lots of "interesting stuff" going on outside of the music world.

Carnival of Rock and Roll - January 2009

The time has finally arrived... the big spectacular event... the very first Carnival of Rock 'n' Roll of 2009. It certainly took long enough, two months of collecting submissions, and a lengthy number of days reviewing them (part of why this is running on the 5th and not the 1st as expected), but the results are pretty cool, so let's get right down to it.

Carnival of Rock and Roll - November 2008

Although it was a little delayed this month due to a technical problems and all the election coverage here in the United States, I'm still excited to bring you this month's Carnival of Rock 'n' Roll. Lots of great contributions this month, so lets get to it right away.

CarolOnBass from Bass-ically Speaking brings us a pretty cool interview with
Dr. Karen Page Gustafson, bass player and staff member of a Girls Rock and Roll Retreat: Bass-ically Speaking: Interview: Dr. Karen Page Gustafson

Carnival of Rock and Roll - October 2008

Time for another Carnival of Rock 'n' Roll. September certainly seemed to fly by for me, not to sure about anyone else out there, but October is already looking promising if this carnival is anything to go by.. let's get right to it, shall we?

Ari from Smart Music Review is not only starting off our carnival this month, but is also discussing one of my favorite albums in: Rage Against the Machine: The Battle of Los Angeles

Carnival of Rock and Roll - September 2008

Man, am I glad that August is over. I don't know about the rest of you, but it sure was a hectic month on my end. September is looking to be busy as well, if not busier, but hopefully there won't be nearly as many surprises along the way. Enough about that though, lets get this month started off right with a high quality Carnival of Rock 'n' Roll and hopefully the positive vibes will carry through the rest of September.

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