Blues Jam: BB King, Albert King, and Stevie Ray Vaughan

Blues is a genre that continues to inspire me everyday for it's pure soul and emotional outpourings in musical form. Nothing in my mind is a better example of this than a great blues jam between a bunch of amazing musicians, each seeming to inspire the others to new heights. What could be a better blues jam than "The Sky is Crying", a blues classic, done by the one and only Albert King, with young Stevie Ray Vaughan as a guest guitarist AND the legendary B.B. King?

Well, nothing much that's what, so when I caught this clip I thought I'd have to share it. As I said, it's Albert King, B. B. King and Stevie Ray Vaughan. I thought I knew what this performance was from, but as I'm writing this I can't remember for the life of me. I also can't remember (it's was bad day for memory I guess) who's wailing on harmonica, but he's no slouch either.

Here's the clip of this great jam, special thanks as always to Youtube and dimebag62 for uploading it.

Although it's really a jam that speaks for itself there are a few things worth pointing out that are just exceptional.

Of course all the guitar playing is exceptional, I mean with these three it's almost a given, and they deliver some of the most soulful blues playing around. And lets not forget the harmonica playing as well, which is sweet as well. Of the guitar playing, it's interesting that Stevie Ray seems a little restrained, perhaps a little in awe of the other two... and with good reason. Both Albert and B.B. Show why they're two of the best blues men, tearing it up and just pouring their soul out, despite a little amp trouble when B.B. King first starts his solo.

Also, Albert King singing this particular song, is about as pure blues as you can get. Extremely soulful and expressive, so many have tried to imitate his (and B.B. King's) vocal style, but none compare to the original. These two are blues embodied from one generation, and Stevie Ray Vaughan is blues embodied from a younger generation.

Overall, just a great blues jam, a great song, some great guitar playing, with tons and tons of soul... Enjoy.


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