Bruce Springsteen Live: The Boss Still Rocks

In a little under two weeks, I will be going to see the one and only Bruce Springsteen live. I like concerts in general and would go to all of them if I could, but this will be my first time seeing Springsteen in concert (I've seen video, but never live) so I'm definitely really looking forward to it. To prepare, I've been seeking out a lot of clips of Springsteen and the E Street Band playing live. I've found plenty worth checking out and I thought I'd share a couple from more recent days so you all can see that the Boss still rocks as well.

These clips are just amateur stuff taken from the crowd on this tour, but still a great indication of what this tour has been like so far. Looks pretty great to me. I'll make sure to post a review of the show I'll be at as well.

The first clip is of "Reason to Believe", and the second is a killer version of "Thundercrack".

I think what amazes me most about Bruce Springsteen, especially live, but also on album, is that his music is so incredibly authentic and earthy while not necessarily always being stripped down to folksy essentials. They blow the top of any venue they play with some great rock and roll, but the essence of the songs still comes through full force even in these clips. That's not easy to do as I know I've seen some artists who write killer songs, but when all the flash of a big time live show is added, they lose their luster. Not so with these guys, they really come through great even in such a large venue.

Like I said, the clips aren't amazing quality, but they do give a good impression of the band and it definitely seems like they're still rockin' out, jamming and having fun with it... I can't wait till the show.

I'm going to the show on October 22 here in Chicago, so check for a review around October 24th.

Also check out

There you can download clips of the various live shows from various tours there way back to 1970... something I'm sure you Springsteen fans out there will want to check out.


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