Great Footage of the Reunion of Rage Against the Machine

With the current political climate here in America, it seems appropriate that politically charged rap/metal brand Rage Against the Machine would rise up one again to be the voice of change. Their reunion at Coachella 2007 was certainly one of the most hyped concert events in history, and now we can only hope that they remain together for a new album, to bring hard edged political fire back to hard rock.

I've been a Rage Against the Machine fan since I first heard the band back when they released their first album. There unique blend of rap, hard rock, political intrigue and overall fire has never been duplicated and probably never will. I was quite excited to hear the band was going to reunite for the Coachella show, except for the fact that I was in no way able to go to the concert.

I figured eventually to find at least a few songs recorded and put on the web and today I finally came across some that were of good enough quality to post: a great video recording of the opening 3 songs of the band's set, "Testify", "Bulls On Parade" and "People of the Sun". I've also seen a ton of clips of them closing the set with "Killing in the Name of" but have yet to find any worth posting.

Here's the video:

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The problem with any reunion whether the band has been broken up for 7 years or 27 years, is that it is never certain that the band members can get past whatever originally caused their breakup and recapture some of the passion that once made them popular. With a band like Rage Against the Machine, that was always a bit of a personality explosion in terms of it's members, music, style and expression, it can be even more difficult to reunite successfully as strong personalities have a tenancy to clash more.

Still, from the looks of this clip, it appears as if the band is once again in great form. Although not quite perfect, they definitely look revitalized playing together, having that same fire that originally made them a great live act. The opener, "Testify" , from the first announcement by Zack de la Rocha, they erupt with the same intensity they always used to bring to the stage, and the crowd goes crazy. It makes me wish I could have been at the show just that much more. Sure bet it was one heck of a show.

Whether this reunion will translate into a new album, or not remains yet to be seen.

I hope it does and not just because I'm a fan and always felt that Rage Against the Machine was one of the few, if not the only, Rap/metal band worth listening to. Instead, I think popular culture can use their fiery politics and passion. I'm actually not a fan of overt politics in music as not every band can pull it off without it sounding preachy or blatantly over the top, but I never felt that way about Rage. Their lyrics were equally bombastic, politically charged and poetic at the same time. What really made the band as a whole great though was that they were always passionate abut their causes. Whether you agree with their politics or not, you have to admit that they were willing to stand up and fight for what they believe in and I think that is what we need more of in America, with corruption and unethical practices on the rise.

We need more people willing to stand up and say that they will NOT accept the status quo, are willing to fight for what they believe in, for a better world, and for the values America was founded on, NOT what it has become.

If those who stand up comes in the form of a reunited Rage Against the Machine, or a new wave of Rage fans, all the better.

Special thanks to Zach Attack for uploading this to

You can also check out a bunch of the other clips that have been posted of Rage Against the Machine reunited here at Youtube:


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