The Mars Volta Tear it Up Live With Rapid Fire Psychedelic Style

A few months prior... before the site overhaul, many unique circumstances and many many more delays, I went to a concert. That by itself is not all that uncommon as I go to a number of concerts every year and will certainly go to more every year in the future. This concert was a unique one though, as the band playing was one that in the past few years has absolutely blown my mind: The Mars Volta.

Of course I had always planned to review that show, but with the overall and all those other things, I put it on hold until I could get things back under control again... and so here we are.

It's been so long since this concert took place though that I thought maybe I should prep this one a little bit in advance with a video... and so here we are again... but this time with a video.

This is a 10 minute musical explosion called “Cygnus... Vismund Cygnus pt1”.

And then of course there's another 10 minute explosion to close it out...
“Cygnus... Vismund Cygnus pt2”.

Now I could say something about these videos, but I think musically and visually they really speak for themselves and so mentioning the intricacy, energy, complexity, rhythm, raw power and so many other things, just aren't all that necessary.

Plus, in a just a little bit I'm going to be posting my concert review for this band, and I'm sure I'll go into all of that in depth, So for the time being just enjoy the videos, and come back later for a more extended discussion about the Mars Volta, live.


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