Once Again Inspired by the Blues Greats: Freddie King

As someone who primarily listens to classic rock, I find that some times classic rock aficionados get too caught up in the artists that they fail to acknowledge many of the great artists who laid the groundwork. I am guilty of this far more than I'd like to admit. I would like to believe that this is partially because I'm still pretty young and I just haven't had the time to investigate every artist nearly as much as I'd like, so part of what I'd like to do with the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll is to remind a lot of people, including myself, of some of the artists who have had massive impact on modern music, but often at times go under appreciated.

One of these artists that I think I need to acknowledge is Freddie King. The name Freddie King has been floating around my head for years, probably from listening to covers by Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan, but unfortunately I have not gotten the chance to investigate his music as much as I'd like in its original format.

I won't claim to be a Freddie King expert, because I'm certainly not, but I know a soulful performance when I hear one. The tracks I've heard and the concert footage I've seen are absolutely some of the most powerful blues probably of all time. I think I can finally understand, at least a little bit, of why this man has influenced so many, as he's definitely inspired me with just the small section of work I've seen, both as a guitarist and simply as someone who is passionate about music.

As a little tribute to Freddie King, since I don't feel anywhere near versed enough in his music to write a truly fitting tribute article, I'd like to bring to you two clips of Freddie King playing live that I think are pretty great.

The first is from Sweden in 1973 and is of one of my favorite blues songs, "Have You Ever Loved a Woman":

The second I'm not sure where is from, but also is a great song, and one I just recently learned was done by Freddie King as I have only known cover versions till recently: "Goin' Down":

Thanks to Youtube and hepcatblues and Poser5k respectively for the clips.

I think both of these are great examples of Freddie King on stage tearing it up with great blues and not just in his incredibly expressive guitar playing, which, don't get me wrong, is amazing, but also his vocals, which are passionate and soulful. Athough surely not as good a tribute as such an amazing blues man deserves, these clips are a starting point and hopefully will inspire a few more of my rock and roll brethren to take a look at the man behind the man, do some "blues homework" and check out the legend that is Freddie King.

If you're interested in Freddie King like I have been for a while, make sure to check out his albums as the studio tracks I've heard so far are also pretty amazing and I'm looking forward to really delving into his catalog further.


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