Santana Live in Chicago 77

Back in 1977, a legendary band who took their name from their wailing guitarist, came to Chicago. I'm talking about Santana of course, and they played with guests Tower of Power. I wasn't around back in 77 to go to the show, but I am going to see Santana (I'm a long time fan actually) this spring for the first time, and so I thought I'd check out some of the live clips of the band throughout the years. I came across this show from 77, in Chicago no less, in it's entirety.

As I said, the show took place in 77 and I wasn't aware that the footage of such a show even existed, but it's here, so check it out while you can. The quality is obviously not great (you'll see what I mean when you watch it), but it's still great to see Santana live from this time.

There's a total of 7 parts to the show uploaded to Youtube. Special thanks to gregwd74 for taking the time to do so as it looks like it was an amazing show, even if the footage isn't the best.

Here's part 1:

I highly recommend you check out the other 7 parts as well. You can find them under gregwd74's account on Youtube.

The guitar playing of Carlos Santana himself was originally what attracted me to his music, and there are certainly some great "guitarist moments" throughout this show, but it's not what I find most striking about it. Instead it's the vibrancy and how alive the music is, constantly moving and evolving. There are a lot of bands that can get a crowd moving, but I don't think too many can energize and connect in the same way that Santana does. The music is soulful, but joyous and exciting, and that really comes through in this footage.

I do wish that it was of better quality as there are definitely more than a few rough moments, but I don't think it detracts too badly from the music.

A great concert and decent footage from a amazing guitarist and band. I'm psyched to be seeing Santana in the spring, but I also kind of wish I could have been at this show; it looks like it was a good one.

If you're interested, keep an eye out for a review of the Santana show in April, as I'm pretty sure I'll be writing one.


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