Trio of Blues Greats in Concert: Lonnie Mack, Albert Collins and Roy Buchanan

Some of the greatest blues guitarists of all time, don't nearly get as much credit as they deserve outside of blues circles. It seems like just about everyone knows B.B. King as the master of blues, but I wonder how many people who aren't blues enthusiasts know anything about Lonnie Mack? Or Albert Collins? Two of the most influential blues artists of all time.

I came to both Lonnie Mack and Albert Collins through Stevie Ray Vaughan as probably most people who listen to them but weren't around when they were playing. These two artists have increased my love of the blues and expanded my idea of what blues can be so much, that when I found a video of the the two of them playing together with another great blues guitarist, Roy Buchanan, I just couldn't help but just crank the computer speakers and sit back and enjoy.

In this video the three play "Further On Down the Road", a blues favorite.

This is a great version of this song with the solos of course being the highlights. There is a little problem with the sound where it seems like Roy's solos should be louder, but you can solve this problem just by turning it up louder.

All three of these guitarists are amazing blues guitarists but they have unique styles while still all being close to the blues tradition. The difference between styles is one of the best things as you can see how each has been influenced by each other as well. Albert Collins solo is especially spine tingling as is all his work, while Lonnie Mack is typical amazing Mack. Roy Buchanan always plays great, but I've actually seen him play better solos oddly enough. It's still good but I have seen better as well... I guess no one can be entirely on all the time.

I'm always in the mood for a great blues collaboration especially from three amazing guitarists. I've seen a fair amount of blues jams and I don't think I will ever tire of them. There is just something about having some other great players there and hearing what they're doing that inspires some players to new heights. The same is true for jazz and other improvisation based music. Playing with other great musicians is a great inspiration and although it's not a competition that little bit of oneupmanship can really up the ante.

If you've never heard of any of these three guitarists, they are definitely worth checking out. If you're into blues and you've never heard of Albert Collins or Lonnie Mack than I think you need to go pick up a few albums and do some blues homework as that is just inexcusable.

Check it out, there a few other videos on YouTube as well from this same collaboration I think, as well as some great ones with other blues guitarists too.


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