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Mourning the Passing of Gary Moore

Another sad piece of news from the music world this month: the passing from a heart attack of guitarist Gary Moore at the age of 58.

Remembering Les Paul, a True Musical Innovator

The rock and roll and guitar communities have unfortunately lost a true legend in the past few days. Les Paul passed away last Thursday from complications with pneumonia. He was 94 years old and was still playing clubs and making music right up into the end.

Mark Knopfler: Master of Touch, Tone, Timbre and Texture

When it comes to my influences in my own music and guitar playing, I've got far more than one might expect. Sure I have my core favorite guitarists/musicians to whom I look to the majority of my inspiration, but the number who have inspired me numbers in the hundreds I'm sure, and includes saxophonists, violinists, and even a bagpipe player (no joke). I feel like if there's a great musician out there who's doing something innovative, powerful and emotional... then there's probably something I can appreciate and learn from to enhance my own music.

Jeff Beck Performing This Week: Live at Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club - A DVD Review

Back last year I was lucky enough to be able to review the latest live offering from one of my most favorite guitarists: Jeff Beck. The album, Performing This Week Live at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club really caused a stir as a pretty incredible listen, a great showcase of the talents of Beck and his latest band, and a great addition to the Jeff Beck catalog, which has been somewhat lacking in live recordings.

Guitarist Series: Thoughts on Effects...the Use and Abuse

For the uninitiated, or even those who play a different instrument, the world of the electric guitar can be massively confusing and intimidating. Just take a quick browse through the Guitar Center website ( You'll find what might even appear to be a ridiculous number of different guitar from all sorts of makers, many of which would appear almost identical except to the most discerning eye.

Cheap Trick Live in Chicago 1981

Sometimes there are one hit wonders and they truly are just that. They had a moment when their songwriting skills peaked, and then unfortunately spent a good part of their career trying to recapture that initial moment. Then there are other "one or two hit wonders" or "Best of bands" (bands where their best of collections are all that are worth listening to) who have been unfortunately given these titles by pop culture, mainstream media, "music historians" and plenty of other people who consider themselves musically enlightened.

Jeff Beck Performing This Week: Live at Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club - A CD Review

When it comes to guitar legends, few can measure up to Jeff Beck. Going all the way back to his days with the Yardbirds, Beck has continually infused new life into electric guitar, pushing the boundaries into jazz fusion and forging his own unique technique and style. I've been a fan of Jeff Beck pretty much from the first time I heard him play. He has a way of touching a note and sculpting it in a way that is completely unexpected and can take a simple phrase and wrench more emotion out of it than just about any player I've ever seen.

Why is Hendrix the Guitar Master: Part 1 - Innovative Technique

I don't really remember the first time I heard the name Jimi Hendrix. He was always one of the artists I just seemed to know about from day one... as was his legendary prowess on the electric guitar. I don't really remember the first time I heard a Hendrix song either, but I do remember the first Hendrix album I bought, and the subsequent days I spent listening to it, soaking in as much as I possibly could. Suddenly all the stories of this infamous guitarist were true... I knew he was the guitar master and I never really even thought to question why.

Why is Hendrix the Guitar Master: Part 2 - Subtle Beauty

When it comes to guitarists, sometimes the best aspects of a great player's music goes completely unrecognized by the masses. Sure, playing a flaming guitar with your teeth has a bit of a bigger impact than crafting a beautiful rhythm part, but both are equally important when discussing what makes certain guitarists great.

Why is Hendrix the Guitar Master: Part 3 - Passion and Soul

So much goes into making an amazing guitarist. Technique, innovation, complexity, subtlety... a whole bunch of things. There's something though that can take those techniques and really put them over the top, making good guitarists into great guitarists , great guitarists into stellar guitarists and Jimi Hendrix (an amazing guitarist) into THE guitar master. This "special something" is one of the most illusive of things, but something that many guitarists spend their entire life striving for... especially blues guitarists: It's passion and soul.

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