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Tribute to the A Guitar and Musical Legend on PBS, Les Paul: Chasing Sound

In a stroke of luck I happened to catch another great music related program on PBS last night, this time on the legendary Les Paul, called Les Paul: Chasing Sound. He is such a legend in guitar circles and with music buffs that of course I had to watch.

Guitarist Series: Open Mindedness and Inspiration for the Rock and Roll Musician

Sometimes inspiration comes from the oddest sources. The other day, I sat down to jam on guitar for a little while and thought I'd try something new and a little more progressive. I've been very interested in the work what some might call "progressive guitarists" recently, especially Jeff Beck and Frank Zappa, but that day's inspiration came from some thing entirely unexpected.

The Allman Brothers Band just isn't the Same Without Duane: Live 1970

When you listen to classic rock, blues rock and blues it just always seems like there are so many great bands to be listening to. Back when I first started playing guitar, with my interest in these genres just starting to peak, I mentioned to another musically inclined friend of mine that I was interested in learning to play guitar. Of course his first recommendation of people to listen to was the Allman Brothers Band. I picked up Live at the Filmore East and listened to it non-stop for nearly a month... I was hooked.

Guitarist Series: The Zen of Guitar

When I think about how I'd spend my days if I was in a position where money was not a necessity (which I guess I do more than I'd like to admit), sometimes I think of becoming a drifting blues man, playing guitar and creating a stir, only to vanish again and move onto the next city. Other times I think I might be content just recording my own music and seeing what other people think of it. Other times still, I just think I'd continue what I'm doing now, and round out my collection of rock and roll albums and collection of guitars with a few thousand more of each...

Rory Gallagher Live in France 1980

The great blues guitarist have all become legends in their own right to me over the years. Whether playing heart wrenching lead, or scorching blues stomp riffs there is just something about blues guitar that says... "this is what it's all about, man," and I find that sentiment renewed every time I finally get to listen to an artist that I've heard about for so long, but just not gotten to listen to.

Another Legendary Guitarist and Blues Man Under Appreciated: The Legend of Ry Cooder

I'm always excited to finally check out artists that I've repeatedly heard about and just never gotten to experience. I find this a lot in blues because some of the blues legends, people like Albert Collines, Freddie King, many of the earlier artists like Blind Lemon Jefferson and Son House, and later greats like Roy Buchanan are overlooked even by people passionate about blues. This also seems to be the case with Ry Cooder.

Guitarist Series: My Dream Guitar

I think when we started playing guitar, most of us were drawn to the instruments of our idols. If you are into Jimi Hendrix you might be attracted to strats, while metal heads might be more into soloists, or some of the more aggressively styled instruments. After owning a few instruments though, our tastes probably become a little more refined and we eventually find that instrument that is the perfect compliment to our style while having the sound we want and the feel we like... our dream guitar.

7 Subtle or Underrated Guitar Leads or Solos From Rock and Roll History

For many guitarists, lead guitar and guitar solos are where the excitement is at, while for non guitarists these parts are often just additional pieces of the song, nothing special. As a guitarist, I am a bit more prone to noticing great guitar parts over other parts of the song, but in the end, I think it is the sum of all the parts that determine a song's value. I don't think this diminishes the importance of a great guitar lick or lead, as a great guitar part can take an ordinary song and push it that extra little bit to extraordinary.

Guitarist Series: 6 Things That are the Mark of a Great Guitar Lead or Solo

I think there is a little part of just about every guitarist that wants to be the in the spotlight wrenching out that perfect guitar lead to a massive crowd of adoring fans. Maybe it's only a small part in some, while it consumes every aspect of some other people's lives, but I think it just comes with the instrument and with the territory. Still, creating a great guitar lead part is not all that easy, especially if you're like me and prefer improvising.

What exactly goes into making the perfect guitar lead?

1: Creativity

Guitarist Series: The Quest for the Perfect Tone

As I've mentioned in some of my previous guitar related articles, there are so many options to new guitarists that it can almost be overwhelming. Guitars are a multi million dollar industry, with more gear available than probably anyone can ever use, sort through or purchase. Yet, us crazy guitarists keep looking for that perfect sound, guitar, setup, gear etc, to create our perfect tone and this is our "the Quest for the Perfect Tone" and for each guitarist it is unique.

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