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Trio of Blues Greats in Concert: Lonnie Mack, Albert Collins and Roy Buchanan

Some of the greatest blues guitarists of all time, don't nearly get as much credit as they deserve outside of blues circles. It seems like just about everyone knows B.B. King as the master of blues, but I wonder how many people who aren't blues enthusiasts know anything about Lonnie Mack? Or Albert Collins? Two of the most influential blues artists of all time.

Guitarist Series: Why do We Play Guitar?

The guitar just may be the most popular instrument on the planet with tons of people picking up either an electric or an acoustic at some point in their lives. I thought it was about time that I included a series here on the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll directly related to the art of playing the guitar and dedicated to my guitarist brethren.

So the obvious question to ask any guitarist is... why guitar?

Interesting Look at the Stratocaster: A Guitar Legend

At the request of Ignacio over at IG Blog, I checked out his recent post on the infamous fender stratocaster guitar. It was definitely an interesting read as there is a lot of history behind this guitar, and it has in turn been used by numerous famous musicians over the years. This article did stir something up about this iconic instrument in my mind as well.

Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007 Tickets Go on Sale to the Public Today

I am totally excited that Eric Clapton's collaboration show, the Crossroads Guitar Festival for 2007, is going to be held right here around Chicago. After seeing the DVD from the show back in 2004, I was a little down that I didn't get to go, (it was in Texas and like now, I was in Chicago). There was a DVD released of it though that was great. My only disappointment is that the festival wasn't available in its entirety either on DVD or CD, as there were a lot of artists who's performances weren't shown.

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Born to be a Blues Guitar Slinger

Back in my college days (so very long ago?) I was cultivating a healthy interest in blues, guitars and just about everything rock 'n' roll. Rediscovering artists I had first listened to years prior along with the influences of newer ones led me farther and farther back into the blues through the ages until I reached the very earliest days.

Along the way were several highlights that inspired and really had an impact on me. One of those highlights was Stevie Ray Vaughan.

The Pro/Anti Shred Debate: Advanced Guitar and Music Theory in Rock and Roll

Recently (well since the grunge era) there has been a bit of an anti-shredding (shredding: rapid paced guitar playing typically involving lots of advanced scales) movement in the guitar community where high technical skill is actually looked down upon if it doesn't have emotional value and actually take the song somewhere. I can't entirely agree with this as it tends to be more anti advanced playing than anything else. I do agree that there tends to be a lack of emotion in some guitar shredding, but don't think we should turn our back on advanced techniques all together.

Jimi Hendrix Live at Woodstock

I recently was lucky enough to stumble across a video on Google Videos of the film of Jimi Hendrix live at Woodstock. It's great how a lot of old concert footage is now reaching a larger audience because of the Internet.

Rediscovering Roy Buchanan: Blues Guitar Legend

Although I'm very passionate about my music, my guitar playing and blues, I don't in any way consider myself an expert on any of these topics. I'm always open to new artists and a lot of artists that have received high praise from other musicians I simply haven't had the chance to listen to yet.

This will explain to some why I had never listened to Roy Buchanan till recently.

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