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7 Subtle or Underrated Guitar Leads or Solos From Rock and Roll History

For many guitarists, lead guitar and guitar solos are where the excitement is at, while for non guitarists these parts are often just additional pieces of the song, nothing special. As a guitarist, I am a bit more prone to noticing great guitar parts over other parts of the song, but in the end, I think it is the sum of all the parts that determine a song's value. I don't think this diminishes the importance of a great guitar lick or lead, as a great guitar part can take an ordinary song and push it that extra little bit to extraordinary.

Guitarist Series: 6 Things That are the Mark of a Great Guitar Lead or Solo

I think there is a little part of just about every guitarist that wants to be the in the spotlight wrenching out that perfect guitar lead to a massive crowd of adoring fans. Maybe it's only a small part in some, while it consumes every aspect of some other people's lives, but I think it just comes with the instrument and with the territory. Still, creating a great guitar lead part is not all that easy, especially if you're like me and prefer improvising.

What exactly goes into making the perfect guitar lead?

1: Creativity

Expanding Upon the Live Show, and Why it Needs to be Live

Lets say that you're at the Grand Canyon and you take a picture, just a quick snapshot to bring home. When you show that snapshot to someone else, they can look at it and get an idea of what it is like to be there at the Grand Canyon, but they can never truly know what it was like to be there, and even if they were to go, it would be different every time because the world is an ever evolving place.

Computers and Music: Spontaneity, Randomness and Creativity in Art From the Digital Age

If you are familiar with the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll, or some of the other websites I work with, you may know that I am by trade, a graphic/web designer. I use computers everyday for work, including maintaining, developing and writing for these websites and I'm even starting a site dedicated to computer related issues. Knowing that, it may seem odd that I am actually firmly against the overuse of computers in music (and actually other art as well).

Subtle Social Comment Through Storytelling: The Lyrics of the Velvet Underground

Songwriting is one of those personal explorations that just about everyone attempts. Thousands of people have tried to put their pen to paper and craft the perfect expression of their own tortured soul through song lyrics or its sister format, poetry, but capturing the perfect feel, words and style is something that even the most accomplished writers may never achieve.

Yet some people though just hit it perfectly, with subtlety, style and power.

The Pro/Anti Shred Debate: Advanced Guitar and Music Theory in Rock and Roll

Recently (well since the grunge era) there has been a bit of an anti-shredding (shredding: rapid paced guitar playing typically involving lots of advanced scales) movement in the guitar community where high technical skill is actually looked down upon if it doesn't have emotional value and actually take the song somewhere. I can't entirely agree with this as it tends to be more anti advanced playing than anything else. I do agree that there tends to be a lack of emotion in some guitar shredding, but don't think we should turn our back on advanced techniques all together.

Rediscovering Roy Buchanan: Blues Guitar Legend

Although I'm very passionate about my music, my guitar playing and blues, I don't in any way consider myself an expert on any of these topics. I'm always open to new artists and a lot of artists that have received high praise from other musicians I simply haven't had the chance to listen to yet.

This will explain to some why I had never listened to Roy Buchanan till recently.

Improvisation in Music: Is that What Your Soul is Saying or are You Just Regurgitating?

As a fan of all kinds of music, I've seen a fair share of concerts ranging from the heaviest metal to the quietest folk to the funkiest jazz. I enjoy all kinds of concerts but there are always certain ones that stand out as extremely compelling and exciting. These concerts are the ones that involve a lot of improvisation. There is something significantly more exciting about a dynamic show that is ever changing than a show where you know the band probably played it nearly the same, note for note, the night before.

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