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Internet Radio Saved, At Least For Now

In the music industry, today may have almost been known as the day the music died... or at least the day Internet radio died...

Trying to Save Internet Radio and is it Really in Jeopardy?

In the ever changing world of the Internet, music and copyright law there is apparently a new issue: royalties paid by Internet radio stations to play the songs. A recent ruling has scheduled a drastic increase in the royalties paid by Internet Radio for July 15th 2007 that will be retro active to Jan 1st 2006. This royalty increase will cause millions to be paid out and might easily jeopardize the entire industry of Internet radio and end up being far more harmful to the artists than helpful.

The Demise of the Record Industry through Aggressive Music Marketing

Back when I first heard about Napster, I didn't know what to make of it... it just seemed far to good to be true, a place where you could get music... for free??? It definitely took some getting used to, but I'd cite Napster as one of the major reasons I am as obsessed with music as I am these days as through downloading was the first place I was exposed to many of my now favorite artists.

Ringo Starr Catalog Goes Digital

It seems that there has been yet another sign that the Beatles catalog will soon be released digitally as I just read today that Ringo's solo catalog has been released in this format. Although perhaps not as exciting as hearing that the deal for the digital Beatles has been settled, I still think this news is worth mentioning.

Complete Streaming of the New Queens of the Stone Age Album

Well, yesterday I got a glimpse at another interesting way to market new music on the Internet, and it was a pretty sweet glimpse at that as it involved the complete streaming of the new Queens of the Stone Age album Era Vulgaris.

Have bands chosen to stream entire albums before?

Why We Need to Save the Album... or... Why the Album Will Never Die

Unlike perhaps a majority of people from my generation, (the MTV or post MTV generation I guess you can call it) I'm a major supporter of the album. I don't think it's because I'm so attached to some of my favorite albums, like Dark Side of the Moon and Abby Road, or even just because my "lucK" with computers over the years has been less than stellar, that I'm partial to collecting and referring to music in terms of albums. Instead, I think it is because an album can be so much more than just a collection of songs, and so I view it as a piece of artwork in itself.

Another Player in the Digital Music Revolution: Amazon Trying to Challenge iTunes?

Announced recently, it seems that now Amazon will also be getting involved in what equates to the frontier of digital music, attempting to stake their own claim by offering unprotected mp3 downloads. Everyone knows Amazon is one of the Internet juggernauts and is involved in much of the digital fringe, so this isn't really a shocking announcement. Whether it will prove to be successful remains to be seen, but it does seem like a pretty shrewd business decision and maybe even a step towards the perfect music store.

Music shoppers are an odd bunch with a wide range of characteristics.

Interesting Times for Media, the Internet and Copyright Law: EMI and DRM News.

Latest news, (well maybe a few days or so late) in the world of downloading music is that EMI will be releasing there catalog of songs now without DRM- Digital Rights Management. This means that anything owned by EMI that can be purchased through Apple's itunes can now be used in more places than just Itunes and Apple related products.

Becoming Too Musically Obsessed, If There is Such a Thing: Why I Can Never Be Bored with Music.

I'll admit that today I didn't have nearly as much time to determine what I wanted to post as I would have liked. I have about 4-5 things in the works to publish and the number just grows everyday. Unfortunately I couldn't make up my mind as to what to talk about today in the little time I had, and so I didn't finalize my thoughts on anything...very productive.

Defying Musical Genres, Eras and Categorization

After making some recent additions to my music collection, I took a quick survey over the albums I have (which is quite a few). I guess I have very eclectic tastes in music as my collection ranges from some of the hardest to the softest. I definitely have a penchant for the classic rock era as I have a lot of bands from that era. I also have more modern rock, alternative, garage rock, punk and heavy metal. I'm a huge blues fan ranging from the very earliest artists in the genre to the very newest.

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