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Eclectic Rock from Sweden: Strangers in Wonderland Catch My Attention

Some bands have a way of switching and blending styles while still sounding like the same bunch of musicians. I would say that these bands are the more successful ones as obviously they have found some way to put their own souls into their music... that's what keeps them sounding similar no matter what style they appropriate. Other bands even incorporate multiple genres into their own sound so that when they take their music in new directions not only does it still sound like the same musicians, but it sounds like a natural direction not like say...

How I Became a Nick Cave Fan

How many times have I looked back upon my music collection and asked: Why didn't I start listening to "insert artist here" a long time ago? It happens far more often than I'd like to admit as I'm sure I've mentioned it on the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll multiple times already, but it all works out in the long run. I may be left wondering what took me so long, but at least I get to it eventually. I guess that's one of the hazards of listening to so many different musicians, especially the constant stream of new ones.

Missing the Point? Thoughts on Radiohead Album Downloads Being Called a Failure

There's another bit of news in the past few days (maybe weeks) from the band that has stirred up everything in the music industry: Radiohead. After being heralded for their innovative technique of getting their music into the hands of the listeners... by letting people choose the price of the download... some sources are now reporting that the venture was a failure because an estimated 62% of people who downloaded the album chose to pay nothing for it. The band however states that those figures are inaccurate and furthermore don't reflect the true success of the project in the first place.

Alberta Cross: Exciting and Authentic New Folk Rock Coming Out of the UK

Folk rock is a difficult genre for me to identify with sometimes. I tend often tend to drift towards more rock titles or more folksy titles than linger in the middle between the two. It's a hard combination to make work, as so much "acoustic rock" already exists out in the mainstream music scene that often bands sound like rehashes, or even rehashes or rehashes. Some bands though, blend equal parts folk and rock and roll to create a sound that is both earthy and more energetic. This band, Alberta Cross, seems to be one of the good ones.

Subtlety Amongst the Abrasive: The Melodic Side of Sonic Youth

A few years back I happened across the music of Sonic Youth. It was during the heyday of downloading and unfortunately the original songs I had, were lost in a computer mishap. I don't even remember what songs they were, giving you an indication of how little the band meant to me at the time. Now many years have passed (many as in 5, I think). I happened to rediscover this band on a whim and only a month or so later Sonic Youth has become a band I rank up with the Velvet Underground as having a tremendous impact on how I view music.

High Energy Rock and Roll Lives On With the New York Vaults

Sometimes I want to listen to some deep, complex, progressive rock that will make me think, challenge my norms or help me reach nirvana. Other times I just want to rock out and listen to some high energy, good time rock and roll that will get your blood moving. I've talked about this before, and I'm sure it's true of most people. If you're currently looking for some new music to make you get up and rock out, I have a band for you.

5 Songs from the Queens of the Stone Age

In the post alternative age, some bands have risen to dominate the scene with their own brand of guitar driven rock. The Queens of the Stone Age are of course one of those bands, rising from the remains of stoner metal band Kyuss and really gaining some mainstream steam after a collaboration with Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters (although they easily would have gotten to the same point on their own as well). This band became one of my favorites relatively quickly because their sound is so unique.

From Pablo Honey to In Rainbows: 7 Songs from Radiohead

Well, as per an earlier post, yesterday, October 10th 2007, Radiohead released their latest album for download. It will later be available for distribution through both traditional CD means and a collectors edition diskbox as well. I pre-ordered the diskbox myself and was pleased to find that it also included access to the download so I wouldn't be waiting until sometime in December perhaps to listen to this new album.

Scotty L and the Demon Pig Trio: Great Name, Great Blues and Rock and Roll

When it comes to blues, I like just about all of it. Each artist's take on the classic blues ideas are unique, but some are more unique than others. Those truly unique ones are the artists that tend to really stick in my mind. A week or two ago I had one of the readers of the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll recommend to me a blues band they caught at the House of Blues in Atlantic City. This band is just that... complete unique... and indeed they have stuck in my mind.

Full Live Set from the Jazzy and Progressive... Tortoise

Some bands go above and beyond in terms of creativity and develop a sound and style that is completely unique. Tortoise is a band like that. A band that's been floating around in my radar for a number of years now, usually in reference to having influenced other artists, I've only recently come to start to take a closer look at their catalog. There unique blend of styles, with a sort of jazzy, progressive twist is unlike anything I've ever heard of before and I'm thoroughly impressed by their artistic style and creative depth.

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