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Thoughts on the New Radiohead Album to be Released Online

Perhaps you heard the news the other day, just about every music news outlet I saw had the story. After months and months of hearing that the latest release from Radiohead would not be out till early next year, this extremely progressive band has once again defied everyone's expectations.

Youth of Lebanon find Freedom in Rock and Roll

In Time Magazine, which I read yesterday, there was an short article on Beirut, Lebanon that really struck me as interesting. It was focused on the indie rock scene that has grown out of some of the youth culture of that city and country.

Slide Show Baby Might Defy First Expectations

When you think of a young guys in a band playing music you might assume that they're a rock or pop band, but I don't think anyone would immediately leaps to Celtic music... at least at first glance. Now if you say that it was a band that hailed from Nashville, does that sound like it lends itself to Celtic flavors? That is the musical paradox that is Slide Show Baby though. They're a young band from Nashville TN, playing their own mix of pop, rock, folk and Celtic styles.

5 Favorite Underrated Songs from the Foo Fighters

With a new release from the Foo Fighters on the way, due out the end of September 2007, I thought I'd do a little piece about the band and their music. When they first debuted, I'll admit I almost dismissed these alternative rock heroes as something of a Nirvana wannabe group. I got over that quickly though, and they became one of my favorite bands from the alternative era with some great music from across their career.

Progressive Sonic Landscapes from Phoenix and the Turtle

Some bands have art and the cerebral embedded in their music from the very start. I'm thinking about bands like Pink Floyd, Sonic Youth, Radiohead, Tool... bands that I like listening to in the dark to be better immersed in their sounds and musical textures... bands that just seem to beg higher thought. I can see Phoenix and the Turtle being a band I can add to that list, although they are certainly not clones of any of the ones I mentioned, or any band really.

Guitarist Series: 4 Underrated Modern Guitarists

As a guitar player, I'm fascinated by just about any guitar playing, but most of my guitar heroes either come from classic rock of blues. Thats not necessarily a knock against more modern guitarists though, and so as part of my guitarist series for the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll, I thought I'd talk about 4 more modern guitarists that have really sparked my interest.

Misunderstood and Under Appreciated: The Story of Zwan

Some bands go unappreciated in their time becoming sort of cult favorites as opposed to what their talent might deserve. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances, or a particular market or perhaps "the world simple wasn't ready for their music" as is so often the case. With Billy Corgan's seemingly "doomed from the start" side project, between solo career and the Smashing Pumpkins, it seems to be more the shadow of his previous band that led so many to dismiss the group on first listen.

Pearl Jam and Lollapalooza Censorship: A Rock Concert Pointing to Bigger Problems?

It appears as if pop culture has another censorship issue on it's hands after Pearl Jam's recent performance at Lollapalooza. If you've been following the news recently, or any of the other major music news sites on the Internet I'm sure you've caught at least a small glimpse at what has taken place. Apparently At&T "mistakingly" censored part of their webcast of the band's performance, which as is pretty expected when dealing with a band like Pearl Jam, did not go over well.

The Evolving Face of Incubus: 6 Songs from Across The Band's Career

I always like looking back on how I came to some of my favorite bands as it usually results in some ridiculously absurd stories and my first experience with Incubus is no exception. It was during a large concert event back in 1999 that I had attended in order to see a few of the other groups on the bill. I actually walked out on Incubus as soon as they took the stage, before the first song, only to catch a glimpse of Brandon Boyd playing what appeared to be a large conga drum in front of some crazy psychedelic lighting on the televisions in the arena lobby.

Straight Up Exciting Rock and Roll from Juliette and the Licks

There are some bands that blow me away with their creativity, creating something I have never heard before... and then there are bands that hit me because they're just playing great rockin' music... that's fun to listen to. I'd definitely put Juliette and the Licks in the second category as this band seems to be making some great rock and roll that would almost certainly translate to a killer live show.

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