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Rock & Roll Feature: Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac Plays the Blues

This is the sixteenth in a series of Rock & Roll features I'm writing for this site. I'm a rock and roller, so this column is a way for me to feature a different album that I like, from different genres every month.

Maxim Apologies To Black Crowes: Reviews, Reviewers and the Age of Bloggers

Have you ever read a music review and felt that the reviewer didn't even listen to the album because they were so off base? I certainly have, even from some very big name music magazines that shall remain nameless. It has not only been one of my major reasons for avoiding reading reviews, but also writing a few of my own. I understand that the major reviewers probably listen to a few hundred albums every day and they're under some major pressure to meet their deadlines, but I've always felt it takes multiple listens to really get a grasp of a new album and finalize my feelings about it.

Earthy, Bluesy Folk Stomp from Bonepony

What is it about folk and blues music... the earthy place rock and roll began... that I keep coming back to and keeps speaking to me? Maybe it's the earthy authenticity and honesty, or the rich heritage... I don't know exactly what it is, but I like it. I like it so much that I'm even up late nights when I probably shouldn't be, listening to new artists on our local PBS stations when they show footage from blues and folk festivals/concerts far and wide.

Thoughts on the Blues/Metal therapeutic Connection

I've been a fan of the blues for a long time, but I've been a fan of hard rock for even longer, and if you follow hard rock to it's ultimate conclusion you of course end up listening to a bit of metal as well. I'm not a hardcore metal head and I never really was. The time when I was really into metal has passed, but I still have a lot of respect for this genre and find some of tremendously exciting bands within it all the time.

B.B. King Plays the Blues for Memphis

Today I got a moment or two to browse through the internet videos. I've been listening to a lot of progressive rock and thought I would check out a few videos from some of the bands in my play list as of recently. In one of those happy accidents though, I stumbled across something entirely different; a little blues instrumental with the one and only B.B. King.

The Song Remains the Same Part 2: A DVD Set Review

For the past few days I've had the pleasure of screening part two of the new The Song Remains the Same release. I was pretty excited about finally seeing the film to go with the soundtrack and the bonuses certainly sweeten the deal a little.

The Song Remains the Same Part 1: An Album Review

I don't know about the rest of you, but for me, one of the most exciting album releases in 2007 was definitely the expanded version of Led Zeppelin's The Song Remains the Same. This re-master and re-release was for both the original film on DVD and the soundtrack and was timed perfectly to coincide with a little reunion show the band was planning.

Online Tribute Concert to Rory Gallagher

One of the great things about running a music site is that people from all over the Internet like to email you all sorts of music related links. The suggestions the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll receives from it's readers and other blog browers are always great, but I do get a fair amount of Spam and junk as well. Occasionally though something catches my eye that I might have dismissed on first glance on a different day. Yesterday something caught my eye, an email from Woozyfly. The tag line speaks for itself:

Led Zeppelin Reunion Show Today: 9 Songs to Hope they Play

Ladies and gentlemen, the day has finally arrived... the day one of the biggest names in rock and roll returns to the stage for a onetime event. Today is the day of the Led Zeppelin reunion show at the 02 arena in London for a tribute to Ahmet Ertegun, founder of Atlantic Records. Although rumors have been flying left and right that this is really the first of a full fledged reunion tour for Zeppelin, including slips that the Cult may be their opening band and an anonymous tip about Zeppelin headlining Bonnaroo next year, nothing has been confirmed by the band, past this show.

Rock & Roll Feature: Led Zeppelin, Birth of the Legend

This is the thirteenth in a series of Rock & Roll features I'm writing for this site. I'm a rock and roller, so this column is a way for me to feature a different album that I like, from different genres every month.

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