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Jeff Beck has the Touch, Live in Japan: What Every Musician Should Strive For

There are certain musicians who understand precisely the effect the smallest change can make in their musicality; it's all about subtlety. I use the term subtle in terms of rock and roll a lot (and often in reference to sounds most people would NOT call subtle), despite the fact that describing a musical genre that almost requires being played far louder than anyone would deem sane. It may seem even less appropriate to talk about subtlety in guitar playing to some people, but that's really what it's all about for me.

Yardbirds to Tour With Page and Beck?

Just the other day, I caught the glimpse of what might be one of the most exciting concert announcements in a while. Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck will be reconvening with the two remaining members of the Yardbirds to tour... That sounds like one killer show.

Capturing Lightning in a Bottle Through Spontaneity: The Tale of the White Stripes

Let me paint a picture for you... It's 2002, late one night around 3 AM and you're watching one of the backwater television stations that turns into MTV2 somewhere around midnight. A song comes on with a straight forward proto punk rock and roll riff with a video of little red and white lego blocks dancing around in various combinations. It's a short catchy song and video but nothing that completely blows you away... you're more interested in mainstream alternative at the moment...

The Allman Brothers Band just isn't the Same Without Duane: Live 1970

When you listen to classic rock, blues rock and blues it just always seems like there are so many great bands to be listening to. Back when I first started playing guitar, with my interest in these genres just starting to peak, I mentioned to another musically inclined friend of mine that I was interested in learning to play guitar. Of course his first recommendation of people to listen to was the Allman Brothers Band. I picked up Live at the Filmore East and listened to it non-stop for nearly a month... I was hooked.

Once Again Inspired by the Blues Greats: Freddie King

As someone who primarily listens to classic rock, I find that some times classic rock aficionados get too caught up in the artists that they fail to acknowledge many of the great artists who laid the groundwork. I am guilty of this far more than I'd like to admit.

The Black Keys: Hard Edged Blues Rock at its Finest

Sometime in the not too distance past I seem to remember hearing of a band called the Black Keys... but both that memory and the reason I didn't investigate them further at the time eludes me. The other day though, I happened upon this band again, and if I had not just splurged on music just the previous day, I would have bought every one of their albums on the spot... I was that impressed, and next month, risking financial crisis, I will buy every one of their albums.

Rory Gallagher Live in France 1980

The great blues guitarist have all become legends in their own right to me over the years. Whether playing heart wrenching lead, or scorching blues stomp riffs there is just something about blues guitar that says... "this is what it's all about, man," and I find that sentiment renewed every time I finally get to listen to an artist that I've heard about for so long, but just not gotten to listen to.

Another Legendary Guitarist and Blues Man Under Appreciated: The Legend of Ry Cooder

I'm always excited to finally check out artists that I've repeatedly heard about and just never gotten to experience. I find this a lot in blues because some of the blues legends, people like Albert Collines, Freddie King, many of the earlier artists like Blind Lemon Jefferson and Son House, and later greats like Roy Buchanan are overlooked even by people passionate about blues. This also seems to be the case with Ry Cooder.

Briefly on the Influence of Bo Diddley

In modern times, with so much rock and roll come and gone, it can be easy for us to forget some of the pioneers of the genre, taking blues and folk and twisting them into something new. These artists have influenced thousands if not hundreds of thousands over the years in one way or another as one band influences and in turn, another influences another.

Thoughts on Icky Thump: First Listen to the New Single From the White Stripes

Although it was released towards the end of April, (the 26 I think), I have been avoiding listening to the new single, "Icky Thump", from the White Stripes. I had decided after reading some earlier first glimpses that I would prepare by throwing out all my previously conceived notions of what it would be like and just wait and see attempting to be as much of a clean slate as possible for my first listen through and by avoiding hearing the single was part of this plan.

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