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Subtle Social Comment Through Storytelling: The Lyrics of the Velvet Underground

Songwriting is one of those personal explorations that just about everyone attempts. Thousands of people have tried to put their pen to paper and craft the perfect expression of their own tortured soul through song lyrics or its sister format, poetry, but capturing the perfect feel, words and style is something that even the most accomplished writers may never achieve.

Yet some people though just hit it perfectly, with subtlety, style and power.

Johnny Winter Live at Woodstock

Another of the great guitarists I have recently come to appreciate, Johnny Winter, along with Roy Buchanan and Frank Zappa has since become one of my favorite guitar heroes. All three I discovered through the magic of the Internet, and are testament to the power of the Internet to expand people's mind... well once you dig through all the Spam and "adult material".

ZZ Top Live in Germany 1980: Blues Rock Trio to Be Reckoned With

One of the greatest things about the Internet has been the ability for those of us who were not around when some of our favorite bands were playing live, to see there live footage online. I don't know how long this will be the case, so for the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll, I am trying to show some of the great live footage I've seen posted online so that some other people can see these great shows too before it is too late.

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Live at Woodstock Footage

One of my favorite bands from the 60s and 70s, and I feel often overlooked, Creedence Clearwater Revival penned some of the most famous rock songs ever recorded. Songs like "Proud Mary", "Fortunate Song" and "Bad Moon Rising" are almost universally known. The band's infectious combination of folk, country shuffle and blues stomp is catchy, fun, fiery and has an earthy feel that just cannot be replicated.

Taken in by Expertly Crafted Led Zeppelin April Fools Prank

Today, while scouring the Interesting music blogs to read and perhaps contact, I came across The Lefsetz Letter, written by Bob Lefsetz. I glanced through it briefly before stumbling upon a past post of interest without even bothering to notice the date it was posted. I can't remember the last time I read an article on the actual day it as posted, so typically I don't even read the dates unless I want to know how recent the article might be for accuracy of information reasons. This was no exception.

10 of the More Underrated Songs from Eric Clapton's Career

Eric Clapton has always been one of my favorite artists. Although I do prefer his earlier works, there have been some great songs throughout his career. It has been a career sprinkled with heavy drug addiction, alcoholism, some controversy, and many different bands and groups, but it is also full of great music and guitar playing.

Feeling Alienated by Modern Mainstream Music: Resurgence of Classic Rock

As you may be aware from reading my other articles, I have quite a range of musical tastes. They are focused predominantly around classic rock, but also also have a penchant for early punk, some newer garage rock, blues, folk and a few other genres as well. Since it has been a while since I was completely engrossed with mainstream music I thought maybe it was time to take another look and see if there are some groups I can get behind. So I did...

Beatles Rooftop Performance: Let it Be an Iconic Moment in Rock History

If I had to choose a single rock 'n' roll performance that could be labeled as the most iconic rock 'n' roll performance of all time, I think I'd pick the Beatles rooftop performance of Let It Be. Originally designed to a film about the songwriting and recording process, Let It Be remains on of my favorite Beatles albums and the show that summed up its finale, an impromptu show on the roof of Apple, remains one of my favorite rock 'n' roll concerts caught on film.

There is No Dark Side of the Moon, in Fact it is All Dark: Philosophy the Dark Side of the Moon from Pink Floyd

I have lots of albums in my music collection and they all are there for a reason, but there are a few albums that reach beyond the others. These special albums instantly evoke the same emotions every time I listen to them. Some have a certain time period associated with them and by listening to them I can instantly recall that time when they first influenced me.

Quite a Kick in the Teeth in 77: Live Footage of Hard Rock Icons AC/DC

When you listen to rock 'n' roll, there are tons of bands that are such icons that if you haven't listened to them, you just can't claim to be a rock aficionado. Legends in there own time, these bands have influenced hundreds of other bands to get on stage and give it there all. Most of these bands don't exist in their original form anymore and often don't tour (except maybe the Rolling Stones as they will probably tour till they die) and so us classic rock lovers who are younger, often don't get to appreciate these bands in there element: live on stage.

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