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There is No Dark Side of the Moon, in Fact it is All Dark: Philosophy the Dark Side of the Moon from Pink Floyd

I have lots of albums in my music collection and they all are there for a reason, but there are a few albums that reach beyond the others. These special albums instantly evoke the same emotions every time I listen to them. Some have a certain time period associated with them and by listening to them I can instantly recall that time when they first influenced me.

Radiohead Going Label-less? The Changing Music Industry

If you happened to pick up a recent Time magazine, you might have noticed an interesting little music piece about progressive band Radiohead. I've been a Radiohead fan for a while now and have been anticipating a new album for quite some time. They've developed into quite a progressive and artist band and it appears that they are forging a new path again.

Nine Inch Nails and the Year Zero, Concept Album/Art Paints a Scary Picture

When I was first initiated into the Nine Inch Nails experience, roughly around the time of The Fragile with the song "The Perfect Drug" (although that song isn't even on that album). I became immediately fascinated by Trent Reznor, the music and what it all meant. This is not easy as Nine Inch Nails has rarely been a pop band with only a few hits in the mainstream, but their following is fiercely loyal, open to all the art and emotion that these songs, while wrapped in industrial beats and screeching guitars, still exhibit.

Rock & Roll Feature: Lateralus is the Tool

This is the third in a series of Rock & Roll features I'm writing for this site. I'm a rock and roller and I love blues so this column is a way for me to feature a different album that I like from those genres every month.

Overlooked and Over Simplified; Why The Stooges are Rock & Roll Cultural Icons.

In the late 1960s there was a change in rock music occurring that would alter the course for the next 40 years. With the dawn of punk music, the face of rock and roll and the artistic community would be forever changed. The Stooges, appearing in the late 1960s, represent the pinnacle of this change. Often overlooked and over simplified their work represents not only the epitome of the budding punk genre of its time, but also its driving force and it remains the driving force behind much of rock and roll to this day.

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