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Where Proto Punk Meets Pop, Folk and Glam: Bridging Genres with T Rex

How any particular group/artist blends their influences and different genres is a big part of what makes their own musical sound unique. In some cases it's a lot more obvious what different brands of music have gone into a particular sound than others. I always find it interesting though, especially when bands surprise me with their depth.

Subtlety Amongst the Abrasive: The Melodic Side of Sonic Youth

A few years back I happened across the music of Sonic Youth. It was during the heyday of downloading and unfortunately the original songs I had, were lost in a computer mishap. I don't even remember what songs they were, giving you an indication of how little the band meant to me at the time. Now many years have passed (many as in 5, I think). I happened to rediscover this band on a whim and only a month or so later Sonic Youth has become a band I rank up with the Velvet Underground as having a tremendous impact on how I view music.

High Energy Rock and Roll Lives On With the New York Vaults

Sometimes I want to listen to some deep, complex, progressive rock that will make me think, challenge my norms or help me reach nirvana. Other times I just want to rock out and listen to some high energy, good time rock and roll that will get your blood moving. I've talked about this before, and I'm sure it's true of most people. If you're currently looking for some new music to make you get up and rock out, I have a band for you.

5 Songs from the Queens of the Stone Age

In the post alternative age, some bands have risen to dominate the scene with their own brand of guitar driven rock. The Queens of the Stone Age are of course one of those bands, rising from the remains of stoner metal band Kyuss and really gaining some mainstream steam after a collaboration with Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters (although they easily would have gotten to the same point on their own as well). This band became one of my favorites relatively quickly because their sound is so unique.

Rock & Roll Feature: The Sex Pistols Seminal Album Turns 30

This is the eleventh in a series of Rock & Roll features I'm writing for this site. I'm a rock and roller, so this column is a way for me to feature a different album that I like, from different genres every month.

The Sex Pistols Reunite and their 30th Anniversary

In a music industry that at the time is often being dominated by Disney stars and generic produced rock, we've ironically (or perhaps it's reactionary) also seen quite a return of early punk and proto punk bands. Both the Stooges and the New York Dolls released new material. I even saw the Dolls on SoundStage (Thankfully nix the full glam look they were known for... I don't think they could pull it off at their age, so I'm glad they didn't try).

Remembering the Sonics: The Roots of the Roots of Punk

Back when I was first digging into "garage rock" and discovering that punk music was NOT what the mainstream was referring to with that term, I happened across a band called the Sonics. At the time I was just starting to listen to bands like the Stooges, the New York Dolls and the Sex Pistols, tracing the rock and roll lineage back from modern rock bands like the Strokes and the Hives. The Sonics seemed to have the same energy, raunch, grit and swagger even though they predated all of those bands by a few years and the modern ones by 40 or so.

The Velvet Underground Live: Two Clips to Check Out

Some bands are harder than other than others to find some decent live footage of. I've been looking for those elusive clips of the Velvet Underground playing live, specifically from their time with Andy Warhol, for a while. I'm pretty sure it exists and have seen some online, but nothing of too great a caliber till recently (then again, I don't spend all day looking for clips so I'm sure some have eluded me).

A Tribute to Hilly Kristal: Legendary Rock Venue Owner

Some places have a special heritage in rock and roll: Woodstock, the Fillmore, and punk rock's major birthplace, the CBGB in New York. Although the CBGB closed back in 2006, today I'd like to remember the venue and especially the man behind the venue: Hilly Kristal. A few days ago, Kristal passed away at 75 after a long bout with lung caner.

5 Underrated Songs from the Who

The Who was one of the first bands I really got into from the Classic Rock era. I think what attracted me was how instantly recognizable the band's major hits were. Songs like "My Generation", "Who Are You", "Teenage Wasteland", "Behind Blue Eyes" and "Won't Get Fooled Again" are such epic songs and rock standards that I knew them, and that they were done by the Who, long before I owned any of the band's actual albums.

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