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40th Anniversary of Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

Remember, today is the 40th anniversary of the Beatles infamous Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.

I think I'll celebrate this day by having it on rotation for most of the day... Also keep an eye out for a little tribute to this infamous album in the next few days. As I've already got one in the works.

Update: Here's my take on the anniversary and some of the influence this album has had in the past 40 years: Looking Back on 40 years of Sgt Pepper and His Lonely Hearts Club Band

First Single from the Smashing Pumpkins In Years

When a band decides to reunite (at least in name) after a significant amount of time, there is always some skepticism that the band will simply be rehashing old material, will not be able to recapture what they originally had, or even that the reunion will not even take place due to the whatever strife originally split the band in the first place.

Loose, Rough, Raw or Self Indulgent and Excessive: The Style of Led Zeppelin Live and the Connection to Punk Rock

Some people are just born in the wrong eras I guess. I think I'm one of these people, as I was born a few years after Led Zeppelin disbanded and was still far to young to go to the reunion tour so never got to see Led Zeppelin in their element: live on stage. The release of modern CD sets and DVDs has given those of us who were not lucky enough to see the band in concert a glimpse at what made this band huge.

The Doors the End Live

Another epic song and another epic performance, this time from another one of my all time favorite bands and playing one of my all time favorite songs as well. The song is "The End" the band, L.A. Finest: The Doors.

The Moody Blues and Nights in White Satin from 1967

I've mentioned before that certain bands have just always been part of my life. Pink Floyd, the Beatles...etc. Another group that has always been around for me is the Moody Blues and to this day they are one of my favorites.

"Nights in White Satin" is definitely one of the most recognizable songs by the Moody Blues, even if many may not remember the rest of the epic symphonic album, Days of Future Passed, that is it from.

A Second Look at Jethro Tull

As someone who's obsessed with just about everything rock and roll related, occasionally I find some time to scour the Internet for interesting artists. I find lots of new music and compile something of a mental list of bands, both new and old, to eventually look into further because either a song, an interview, a review, a video or something has intrigued me a little. So far the list is pretty long and growing enough by the day to make me wonder when I'm going to get the time to check out all this "new to me" music.

10 Underrated Songs from Throughout the Beatles Career

With a band like the Beatles, there has already been so much said that it seems almost impossible to say anything new. Their music, legacy and their continued popularity all speak for themselves so even saying anything sometimes isn't necessary.

What Makes Progressive Rock Progressive?

After spending the past couple of days listening to my recently acquired, and first Jethro Tull albums in my collection, I came to a problem. I would consider Jethro Tull progressive rock because of their unique sound, but I also consider Pink Floyd to be the same. These two groups, despite sharing a similar time frame for their popularity, are pretty far apart in their concepts, their sound and their songwriting, yet, I'd call them both progressive...

New Track from the Queens of the Stone Age Released Online

There are some good albums on the way this summer it appears. I'm already anticipating the new releases from the White Stripes, and of course the Smashing Pumpkins. As I've known for a while, there is also a new Queens of the Stone Age (one of the other more recent bands I like a lot) album on the way, and yesterday I just happened to listen to a new track recorded during the sessions, but will apparently not be on the album.

Rock & Roll Feature: The Cars New Wave 80s Pop with a Unique Style

This is the fifth in a series of Rock & Roll features I'm writing for this site. I'm a rock and roller, so this column is a way for me to feature a different album that I like, from different genres every month.

Certain albums just seem to bring about tremendous change in music, only to be designated more as cultural time capsules, dated and cliche after a while, than as groundbreaking as originally thought. For this month's Rock 'n' Roll feature, I believe the album I have chosen is just such an album.

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