Crossroads 2007 to be Released on DVD

This news was pretty easy to see coming, but I'm still glad to have it confirmed. This year's Crossroads Guitar Festival, which was held right around Chicago, is going to be available on DVD this November 20th.

If you happened to see the original Crossroads DVD set, expect more great jams, incredible guitar playing and plenty of big names. The first event was 3 days long so there were some artists who didn't make it to the DVD release, which I wasn't too keen on. I understand there was a lot of footage, but I still would have liked to see one performance from everyone. With Crossroads 2007 taking place on only one day, lets hope that doesn't happen again.

I happened to be lucky enough to attend this show and it was incredible so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what jams and songs are included (I'll hope for everything, but I don't think that is possible). I'm especially excited to see Clapton Jam with Steve Winwood again as that was one of my highlights from the day. I might even end up writing a review of the DVD set because I'm sure I'll pick up a copy.

Just a little DVD news to keep an eye on for all you guitarists, Clapton fans etc.

Also, if you want to double check the lineup or get some perspective as to whether or not to add this DVD release to your list of much have rock and roll DVDs, you can read my in depth review of the entire festival here, if you haven't read it already:

UPDATE: I've reviewed this DVD set here: Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007 Concert Footage: A DVD Review


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