Exclusive Radiohead TV Broadcast to Start the New Year

Well, 2008 already looks to be an exciting year and at the rate the music industry is changing, it looks to be more exciting than even our first indications. Leading the pack with more exciting news once again is Radiohead. This time the band is going to be broadcasting an exclusive New Year's performance of tracks from their latest release, both online and on television, through www.current.com.

Here's the broadcast times for television:
December 31, 2007:
9 p.m. PST / 12 a.m. EST
10 p.m. PST / 1 a.m. EST
January 1, 2008:
5 a.m. PST / 8 a.m. EST
6 p.m. PST / 9 p.m. EST

And will be broadcast on "Current TV", which apparently corresponds with the following from the press release...

"Current is now seen in the U.S. and U.K. in more than 51 million households through distribution partners Comcast (Channel 107 nationwide), Time Warner (nationwide), DirecTV (channel 366 nationwide), Dish Network (channel 196 nationwide), BSkyB (channel 193) and Virgin Media Cable (channel 155)."

The performance will also be webcast on December 31, 2007 at 9 p.m. PST - 12 a.m. EST and then will be archived at Current.com

Now, webcasts are really nothing new for bands as a lot of artists are starting to promote more and more material online, but it's still exciting news and something to look forward to. I also think that we can expect more and more of these kinds of exclusives in the new year as well, especially with the success Radiohead has had with their recent online release.

The band's choice of going with Current.com is also interesting, here's a little bit about the site:

"Launched August 1, 2005, Current, the world's peer-to-peer news and information network, recently honored with an Emmy Award for its interactive television service, is the first fully integrated 27/7 online and television network that helps users determine the news and information that is relevant to them. Current connects young adults with what's going on in their world through its unique blend of citizen journalism and viewer participation, offering programming and content that's authentic, often surprising and consistently compelling. Current pioneered the television industry's leading model of interactive viewer created content (VC2) that comprises roughly one-third of Current's on-air broadcast. The network has also advanced advertising models via Viewer Created Ad Messages (VCAMS)."

Other interesting news from Radiohead include an announcement short while ago from Thom Yorke stating that the band's digital income from this album release already than from the sales from all their other. Now, those figures might be slightly exaggerated but what with the small percentage from album sales that actually goes to the artists, the rest going to the label, it certainly seems possible and is a definite sign that anyone who was doubting the whole release online and "pay what you want" method, might need to think again.

I think part of what has fueled those figures is simply that In Rainbows is a fantastic album... easily one of, if not their best to date. I recently received my diskbox set and have found the second disk of material to be just as great as the first, making for a killer single and double album. If you didn't pick up this deluxe version and you love the original album, I'd recommend getting it if you can afford the somewhat hefty price. It's a great collectors piece with some great music. I haven't had the time to listen to it on vinyl yet, but that's next as I suspect that it will be a pretty surreal experience.

Overall, I'm pretty excited about checking out this Radiohead performance. I'm especially intrigued to see how some of these new tracks translate live as if past live work from this band is anything to go on, they should be incredible.

So, at midnight on New Years, or perhaps the day after if you're too busy partying it up, check out www.current.com for this Radiohead exclusive.


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