Fast Turnaround from the Smashing Pumpkins

We may have to end up chalking this up to music industry rumors or other less than reliable source, but being a bit of a rabid Smashing Pumpkins fan, this news really peaked my interest. Apparently the new incarnation of the Pumpkins is returning to the studio a bit sooner than first anticipated and is perhaps scheduled to release new material (in some format) on January 1st... yeah, as in a mere 16 days! How cool is that?

As I said, this may turn out to be more rumor than anything else, but the info comes from Jimmy Chamberlin himself and was posted on the band's website, so it should be somewhat reliable. In the day and age where bands often take years to make albums, it's refreshing not only to see a band anxious to get back to recording quickly after their first release, but the fact that it's the Pumpkins just makes it all the better. Then again, perhaps this isn't really as surprising as it might seem. Even back during their first time around the band was known for recording far more material than they actually released. Anyone who has taken a listen to the box set The Aeroplane Flies High knows this as that set not only contains 5 disks of material, much of which is b-sides and rarities, but also a twenty-three minute medley of nothing but different guitar riffs that were never used.

I think this is a positive sign from the Pumpkins, not only in terms of the new band gelling, but also of the direction the music is going. Although there were mixed reviews of the New Pumpkins first album in 6-7 years when first released, I think it's a great album (although it did take a number of listens for me to get to that point)... maybe not as amazing as their earlier work, but great none the less and a good album for the band to issue as they return to the rock and roll scene. The fact that they're already looking to record more new music seems to say that Billy and Jimmy (Corgan and Chamberlin respectively) are committed to making new music because they like writing and have a few tunes that are coming together and NEED to be recorded. That kind of creative energy is a good thing and can only bode well for whatever these new tracks turn out to be whether it's a quick full release turn around, an Internet release or just a track on a soundtrack.

Reviews seem to indicate that they've been performing some amazing concerts since returning as well, with tons of energy and a great feel. I haven't gotten to see them play yet, mainly because they have yet to play their hometown of Chicago as far as I know, but I'm sure planning on it. Overall some great news on the Pumpkins front, as I would be disappointed if they returned, released one album and then disappeared again... as I think would many fans, whether they liked the latest album or not.

Anyways, just wanted to pass along the news and give my thoughts on it. I now have another reason to look forward to the new year as I can't think of too many better ways to start it off than with new Pumpkins' music.

By the way, for all you Pumpkins fans, in case you have yet to realize, there is audio for entire live shows available to listen to and to download for free on the band's website as a collaborative effort with one of the major fan sites. I just found this out today (I've been busy, that's my excuse). The quality isn't amazing and varies concert to concert, but it's definitely worth checking out. You can also pick up Machina II if you don't have it already.

Check out the audio from the Pumpkins site here:

And the fan site that is helping to bring it to you (and more like videos and photos) here:


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