Jane's Addiction Going Into the Studio?

Who would have thought when I glanced through the music headlines this morning that I would see a brief blurb about Jane's Addiction supposedly returning to the studio... all of them, the original line up.

Jane's Addiciton is and always will be one of those bands that sparks my interest. When they debuted they were one of alternative rock's first breakthrough acts and many a person thought they were the ones who would be taking up the mantel of the classic rock greats like Led Zeppelin... ironic really, a quasi-glam metal band that's all about performance art picking up where the bluesy rockin' Zeppelin left off? Interesting...

Still, the music speaks for itself, and Jane's Addiction's music was and still is powerful, massive and completely unique. Their catalog is unfortunately sparse though, with only two original albums (and a live album). They're a great two albums of course, but fan's like myself were always left wanting just a little bit more and so hearing that the band is getting together to record... exciting... exciting indeed.

Of course this news doesn't necessarily mean that we will have new JA material in the near future.

This isn't the first time the band has gotten back together in recent times. They've reunited to play live a couple of times and as recent as 2008 were back in the studio recording. That particularly recording session apparently didn't go too well though as apparently the band members were butting heads just like old times... or maybe just a little too much like old times. 2003's recording sessions did produce the band's first album since 1990 though. That album is considered by many to not quite be up to part with the band's earlier work, but still, it's a JA album, and although I do like their earlier work a little more, find it to be quite an enjoyable listen and one heck of a hard rocker... albeit a little safe.

Anyway you look at it though, I'm truly psyched by this news though and looking forward to hearing new Jane's Addiction music. Let's hope the guys can make it work and we'll all be rocking out soon enough.


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