Lennon Solo Catalog Goes Digital, Harrison on the Way?

If you've been following music news in the past week or so then you've seen the announcements of how John Lennon's solo catalog available digitally, and according to some sources, George Harrison's will be by the end of 2007.

Both of these things are definitely exciting.

Lennon's solo work was always my favorite of the Beatles' individual works. Songs like "Imagine", "Instant karma", "Working Class Hero" and "Cold Turkey" should be available for as many people to listen to as possible because not only are they rock classics, but are just great songwriting with a message that is very applicable to our modern society. Although his work with the Beatles was of course incredible, many of Lennon's solo works rival anything he ever wrote... they're that powerful. Others were not as good, but still showed other interesting sides to the man himself and were still pretty good to listen to. Overall, I think new generations being exposed to the ideas of John Lennon, in musical form or otherwise is a good thing.

It's also exciting to here that Harrison's work is perhaps slated for release as well. I feel that All Things Must Pass is one of the classic, and perhaps more underrated, rock and roll albums of all time. The combination of some great songwriting, a unique feel and some great guitar work just makes for an album where a lot of things seemed to click. It has been one of my favorites since I first heard it and having it available in digital format will only increase the number of people who can come to appreciate this work, and Harrison's other works as well... Again, new generations interested in George Harrison, definitely a good thing.

Overall, I think that the media, (probably myself included) makes a little too much of a big deal about these digital releases... eventually all the major albums will be released I expect, so hopefully we won't make a big deal about all of them... Still, if we completely disregard that these two were in the Beatles, they still made some of the best rock and roll perhaps of all time. If mentioning that their work is now going to be available in a new format will help generate interest and expose new people to their music, then it's worth mentioning.

So, if you're interested, maybe go out and download some of those great tracks from John Lennon, I've mentioned a few of my favorites, and by the end of the year hopefully, you can go download some of the great George Harrison tracks as well.

Or, if you're a collector like me, you can just buy the albums.


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