Live Earth Concerts All Day Today: Musicians Band Together to Raise Awareness About Climate Change

In the tradition of Live Aid of 1985 and Live 8 of 2005 musicians have once again come together to help raise awareness of a worth cause in todays Live Earth concert series. There will be concerts in 9 different countries with a variety of artists all organized by the Save Our Selves organization hoping to mobilize a global response to climate change and will extend well beyond the concerts themselves.

I'm always interested to see any sort of widespread activism taking place for such a good cause and when it involves music, I'm even more excited. The 9 venues for these shows are: New York, London, Shanghai, Sydney, Johannesburg, Rio De Janeiro, Hamburg, China and Tokyo.

There looks like a wide range of artists who will be performing including some big names that should make for great highlights. I do find it a little interesting though that there are some big names I would have expected to turn out who are not on the concert list... namely Paul McCartney and U2... and maybe a few others who are big activists as well, but I don't know what artists were asked to play and whatnot.

I'm just thrilled to see so many artists turn out to tackle such a difficult and important world issue as climate change as I think that learning to live in balance with our environment is one of the most important issues of all time.

Some of the highlights I'll be looking out for include performances by: First and foremost, the quasi reunited Smashing Pumpkins, but also the Foo Fighters, the reunited Police, Roger Waters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, AFI, Wolfmother, apparently a newly reunited Genesis, Spinal Tap, Duran Duran, and maybe a few of the other bands that I'm less familiar with as well...

It should be a good show with some definite memorable moments and hopefully will raise awareness about climate change and help encourage people to want to work together to live in balance with the plant... And that is really what it is all about, the cause and coming together for the betterment of the world as a whole... the performance highlights will just be a bonus.

According to my local cable station, the concert will be shown live on a number of channels including a 3 hour prime time segment on NBC so if you're around a television for 7/7/07 you'll probably be able to at least catch a few performances. Also, you'll be able to watch all the concerts on Live Earth MSN and there is lots of other information about the events, the cause and the artists (including a full list of who will be performing) on the site as well... here's the link:

Also, make sure to check out the Live Earth SOS Organization web page as well to learn more about the concert events, the cause, environmental news, the organization and how to help make a difference. The real focus of these concerts should be the cause as I feel it is one of the most important in human history. You can find the Live Earth website here:

I'm going to try and checkout as many of these concerts as I can so check back tomorrow to see what I thought about some of the bands I was watching for and the events as a whole.


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