Mourning the Passing of Gary Moore

Another sad piece of news from the music world this month: the passing from a heart attack of guitarist Gary Moore at the age of 58.

Although throughout the course of his career he worked with artists as diverse as George Harrison and Ozzy Osbourne and was perhaps most well known as one of the great guitarists from Thin Lizzy, saying that those things truly represent his talent is a mistake. Heavily influenced by another of my favorite guitarists, Peter Green, Moore's style was both fiery and subtle when need be, with a strong basis in the blues, but with his own twist on it. He would eventually inherit his hero Green's legendary Les Paul, surely a testament to Green's own respect for Moore's passion and playing.

Personally I consider Gary Moore one of the more underrated guitarists in just about every respect. There's something in his playing that only the greats have... a certain touch or phrasing... the ability to use just the right notes at the right time that make his playing really come alive.

One this sad occasion, my condolences go out to Gary Moore's friends and family. It may not be much consolation during these tragic times, but I know that because of Gary's tremendous talent, he will live on forever through the music he created and the countless guitarists and musicians he inspired and continues to inspire to this day.

R.I.P. Gary Moore... you will surely be missed.


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