New Material on the Way from Alice in Chains?

Well there's been some more interesting news from the music world recently, namely that new material might be on the way from Alice in Chains. This would be the band's first new material in about 13 years, and of course would also be the band's first without original vocalist, and now deceased, Layne Staley. William DuVall guested as the vocalist on the band's reunion tour and apparently the chemistry is right, the band is having fun jamming, and so Jerry Cantrell and company have started writing.

Now it could be because I grew up in the grunge era, but I think this is good news. Jerry Cantrell is one of the more interesting and innovative guitarists and songwriters. Although their sound is dark, metallic and definitely grunge, there was always a subtle beauty to their songs as well, especially on the acoustic tracks, many of which are just chilling. I always was kind of sad that they didn't record more material during their time together and so I'm hesitantly excited about this new material.

I guess my hesitations comes from it being under the Alice in Chains moniker and not wanting to tarnish that legacy. I'm sure some other music fans can related to as well. I always have those kinds of reservations about bands getting back together to record new material after some stretch of time, perhaps because I get so attached to the originals that adding to them seems odd. Still I good album will find room none the less and I am confident that Cantrell, DuVall and the rest will put together something interesting to say the least.

Another plus that comes along with this bit of news is that it might mean that they're going to tour as well. Alice in Chains would be a really cool show to see, seeing as how they didn't even tour all that much (if at all) the first time they were together, and I bet they'd put on a great show... I'd certainly be interested in going, should they come around my part of the country.

When might this new material see the light of day?

No idea... but I'm keeping an eye out for it, and if you're a fan of Alice in Chains, then I suggest you do the same... it should be interesting.


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