New Track from the Queens of the Stone Age Released Online

There are some good albums on the way this summer it appears. I'm already anticipating the new releases from the White Stripes, and of course the Smashing Pumpkins. As I've known for a while, there is also a new Queens of the Stone Age (one of the other more recent bands I like a lot) album on the way, and yesterday I just happened to listen to a new track recorded during the sessions, but will apparently not be on the album.

The new album has been titled Era Vulgaris and the title track has been posted online, although apparently it will not be on the album, but only used for some other form of promotional purpose... and released to Hype Machine.

Interesting things about the new album include that there will once again be a rotating lineup for QOTSA with guest appearances from both Julian Casabalancas, lead singer from the Strokes, and Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails. The new track released is Reznor's contribution although on first listen, it may be hard to tell.

Queens of the Stone Age has been a sort of rotating band for a little while now, with past guests including Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters on drums and the one and only Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top on guitar and vocals. The new collaborations sound just as exciting and as in the past, hinting at a band breaking some new ground while still remaining loyal to their roots. It has definitely shown a bit of growth for this group, or at least for the few members who are consistently part of it... guitarist and lead singer/songwriter Josh Homme might be the only one...but I'm not sure.

All of there albums have a pretty good range of music from blues swagger, to proto punk hard rock, to progressive and this new track seems to support that. It has the same seductive slinky feel that has become a staple of QOTSA music, and also the slightly airy choruses. It definitely sounds like a QOTSA song if you've followed their entire catalog of albums, but definitely leans more towards their newer work than hearkening back to their earlier days. Where the last studio album may have sounded dark in comparison to the one before it, this track sounds dark, but in a different way. It also has a little more rock and roll and a little less menace and sadness. Still, as I said, I don't see it as a huge departure from any of their earlier work. it has definitely increased my interest in the new album and reminded me just why, when I first heard this band, I was so interested.

I like it, so if this track is a track that didn't make the cut for their latest album, I wonder what great work did? ...Can't wait.

Check it out, you can listen to the new track here: Update: Apparently this track has been taken down from Hype Machine, keep an eye out for it though around somewhere.

You can also read the post that first turned me on to this track here at

You can also check out a few videos of the band during the recording here on YouTube:

Keep an eye out for the album as well as this band, and other bands related to the people involved, like the Eagles of Death Metal (which also included Homme but on drums), always seem to be making some great, new, and certainly unique, hard rock and roll.


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