Quiet Riot Singer Kevin Dubrow Found Dead

Perhaps you didn't catch the news that front man Kevin Dubrow of Quiet Riot was found dead in his Las Vegas hotel room a few days ago. I know I missed it entirely with the holiday etc, but I didn't see it covered by too many news sources either (maybe I missed it there) so it's possible it slipped through the radar.

I'm not really a Quiet Riot fan at all and over the years the I've felt that the band's reputation has not exactly been stellar in terms of quality music, but they were still one of the first late 70s early 80s heavy metal bands (I don't really consider Led Zeppelin heavy metal) to top the pop charts. The band's Mental Health album was pretty decent, although perhaps a bit laden with the cliches of the era during which it was produced. Still, the fact that this band did generate an immediately recognizable track, a cover of "Cum on Feel the Noize", and served as the training ground for the legendary guitarist Randy Rhoads before he moved on to join Ozzy Osbourne , does give them a place in the history of rock and roll a bit bigger than many people might initially attribute to them.

The band had continued to record over the years and Dubrow had released a solo album as well, but they had never really returned to their successes from the 80s.

Dubrow was only 52 and the cause of death is still not known. Perhaps that's why it has seemed to me that this sad news has slipped through the major media networks so far. Like I said, I'm not really a fan of the band, but I still like to acknowledge when members of the rock and roll community pass away and seeing that this news might not have been covered too well, I thought it was the least I can do to acknowledge it and maybe make a few other people aware.

I'd also like to express my condolences to Dubrow's friends, band mates and family during this time. I think I'll even take a listen to "Cum on Feel the Noize" as a small tribute.


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