Taken in by Expertly Crafted Led Zeppelin April Fools Prank

Today, while scouring the Interesting music blogs to read and perhaps contact, I came across The Lefsetz Letter, written by Bob Lefsetz. I glanced through it briefly before stumbling upon a past post of interest without even bothering to notice the date it was posted. I can't remember the last time I read an article on the actual day it as posted, so typically I don't even read the dates unless I want to know how recent the article might be for accuracy of information reasons. This was no exception.

It was a post declaring the announcement of a Led Zeppelin Reunion tour that would become the stuff of legends with its excess and absurdity. I must say, I read this post 4 -5 times doubting every minute saying in my head "this can't be true", and even doing a quick search on the Internet to see if any other sites had picked up some sort of groundbreaking news like this, before glancing at the date and realizing it was from April 1st.

Then I felt like an idiot, but was impressed.

There is enough detail and research put into this cleverly crafted scheme that I was not immediate dismissing it as rock 'n' roll hearsay and rumor. Although while I was reading it the first time, I was immediately doubting certain facts that were mentioned, I guess they were believable enough that my own desire to see Led Zeppelin reunite kept my hope alive and for a second or two, I actually started to believe it was real... but only for a second or two...

Yes... I was, at least partially, taken in by an very well written April Fools prank, because of my love of Led Zeppelin... I admit it. I'll blame my love of the band and my desire to see them live for my lapse in skeptical judgment. You'd think I would have learned as there are always rumors floating around Led Zeppelin and reunions, probably because I'm not the only one who would like to see a reunion happen just to get to see the band live once in our lives.

Anyways, because it was such an interesting read, I thought I would post a link to it as some other people might find it interesting as well. The things that kept me doubting and skeptical was the reference to Zak Starkey would sit in on drums over the obvious choice of Jason Bonham, the "No Stairway" rule, no mention of the rift with John Paul Jones, and some other things that just didn't sit right and were more absurd. Looking back and reading it again now, it's actually pretty funny, and I feel more like an idiot...

Still, the concert series that Lefsetz describes is in someways exactly the type of spectacle and hype one might expect should such a reunion ever occur, but pushed to the extremes, which makes it less believable but more interesting and amusing as there are lots of details included.

I'm still waiting for the real Led Zeppelin reunion announcement (and the Pink Floyd announcement) that will probably if not certainly never come, but you can't blame me for hoping. Last year I got to see my second favorite hard rock band, the Who, live, why not my first as well? Then if I could see Pink Floyd reunited as well, I'd probably die because my life would be complete...

Overall, I think this was a great little April Fools prank, an amusing read, and maybe a little bit of a social comment on some of the practices within the music industry today, all wrapped in enough detail to make it quasi believable and absurd at the same time. All things that make it worth checking out.

Great writing Bob, but next time, make a show in Chicago so that for those two seconds or so, I'll actually be able to go to the show...

Check out the original post here: http://lefsetz.com/wordpress/index.php/archives/2007/04/01/the-time-has-finally-come/


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