Van Halen Reunion Tour with David Lee Roth

It appears as if one of the major rock and roll rumors that has been floating around for a number of years will finally be taking place as Rolling Stone Magazine has apparently confirmed an upcoming reunion tour of Van Halen with David Lee Roth. I seem to remember this being just a rumor for a while, up there with the full Guns n' Roses reunion and a few others, but I'll trust Rolling Stone...well maybe, but official confirmation is slated to be coming from the band as well soon enough.

I'm not a huge Van Halen fan, but I still think they made some great music, including some of the all time best arena rock anthems and released some of the best straight up hard rock albums of all time. It would surely be a sight to see the band playing again to some massive crowds like they do best... And if I was going to pick a lineup of Van Halen to see, I'd definitely go with a lineup with David Lee Roth. That's not a knock against Sammy Hagar, because I think he's a great performer as well, but the charisma and showmanship of David Lee Roth cannot be matched in the arena rock setting.

This does raise a few interesting questions, as do all reunion events.

First, will the band be up to snuff seeing it has been a while since they played live. Sometimes it's almost better for a band not to tour again if the performances aren't going to be great... A disappointing show is worse than no show.

Second, will this new found reunion last... Van Halen is a band prone to strife between it's members and that leads me to wonder if we'll see this disintegrate before it kicks off or sometime during the tour itself... That'd be pretty disappointing too.

Nothing really new as these are the same types of concerns that always arise when you hear a band is reuniting. Still, I'm hoping that everything is a go, not only because it should be a great show to see, but because Van Halen fans are some of the most loyal fans I've ever met and they're gonna be thrilled. Also, I think that having the band back with David Lee Roth, out lighting up stadiums far and wide, is almost certainly a good thing for rock and roll.

Should be interesting to see how this tour pans out. Keep an eye out for tickets, I'll be checking to see when they'll be coming to Chicago.


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