Wolfmother to Reorganize?

Kind of a sad, but also interesting bit of news from the music scene in the past few days. The Australian band that sounded so much like Zeppelin, and Sabbath and Cream, Wolfmother, has decided to disband, or well... reorganize. Bass/keyboard player Chris Ross and drummer Myles Heskett have decided to leave the band to pursue a different project citing personality and artistic differences. This leaves signer/guitarist Andrew Stockdale as the only remaining member of the band and apparently he intends to continue with a new lineup, under the Wolfmother moniker.

I remember when this band first made way into the scene (I even wrote about it back when this site was first starting out) and thinking that they seemed to be all about making the music that they wanted to make... even if it did sound a bit derivative of many of the classic rock greats. Although I never became a major fan, their music did grow on me enough to check out their debut and enjoy it pretty thoroughly, thinking that it showed some real potential and contained some great riff driven rock and roll.

To be honest though, I always was looking forward to seeing what their second album would sound like, like that would make it or break it for me, depending on how adventurous they were with it. It wasn't that long ago that the band was debuting new material, with plenty of hype surrounding it, stating that a new album would be out... well soon, which in music industry speak could be anything from a month to a year or more. I didn't get to hear the tracks they were playing at the time, but feedback seemed to be positive so I was still looking forward to where this new album would go. Instead of an album though, the band announces this new "direction".

Now, I'm really really interested to see what the next album holds in store as well as the future of this band and any side projects it's two other members may undertake.

Will there be a shift in sound with new members? Will it be more interesting or not? Will the new album be what was being recorded or will entirely new material have to be written?

Lots of questions floating around, and I guess the split is best if the band didn't feel like it was gelling well anymore... or even was ever. For all you Wolfmother fans out there though... I feel your pain. It might end up being the best thing they ever did though. Should be fun to see where this leads.

If you've avoided a lot of the media hype over the years and didn't check out this band before now, I'll still stand by a post I wrote over a year ago that talks about a video of them performing live as it still sounds pretty accurate to what I think of them to this day. They do/did put on a heck of a show though, and I double checked, the video I reference is still up there just waiting to be viewed. So check out that post here... the link to the video is in it, as at the time I wrote it, it couldn't be embedded: Wolfmother Live Set Video from Australian TV


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