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Wolfmother to Reorganize?

Kind of a sad, but also interesting bit of news from the music scene in the past few days. The Australian band that sounded so much like Zeppelin, and Sabbath and Cream, Wolfmother, has decided to disband, or well... reorganize. Bass/keyboard player Chris Ross and drummer Myles Heskett have decided to leave the band to pursue a different project citing personality and artistic differences. This leaves signer/guitarist Andrew Stockdale as the only remaining member of the band and apparently he intends to continue with a new lineup, under the Wolfmother moniker.

Thoughts on Copyright Lawsuits out of Control and the Definition of Personal Use

I happened upon a little news story today that struck a chord with me and has since spawned a little bit of a rant. You see, the story was about how this woman posted a video of her kid walking to a certain video sharing website... a video that just happened to have a song by a certain artist playing in the background. There were letters sent to have the video taken down due to copyright infringement or something etc etc.

New Material on the Way from Alice in Chains?

Well there's been some more interesting news from the music world recently, namely that new material might be on the way from Alice in Chains. This would be the band's first new material in about 13 years, and of course would also be the band's first without original vocalist, and now deceased, Layne Staley. William DuVall guested as the vocalist on the band's reunion tour and apparently the chemistry is right, the band is having fun jamming, and so Jerry Cantrell and company have started writing.

Thoughts on STP Getting Sued and More About Why the Industry Needs to Change

A few days ago I read an interesting bit of music news that struck another one of those "I'm going to start ranting" chords. Apparently record label, Atlantic decided to sue both Scott Weiland and Eric Kretz of the Stone Temple Pilots for not delivering on their end of their contract and trying to terminate it. Atlantic apparently not only wants the 6 albums that STP already delivered during their heyday, but also the seventh that the recently reunited band has indicated they might like to record, as well as two more albums.

Foo Fighters Rock Wembley With Extra Special Guests

In case you missed the news, several thousand (something like 80,000?), extremely lucky Foo Fighters fans were treated to one heck of a special event June 7th 2008. Recently the Foos have been reaching out to some of their heroes. They played with a couple members of Rush just recently, although I can't remember where, and now they've done it again. And, for the time being, we have video:

The Soul of Rock and Roll Mourns the Passing of Bo Diddley

Yesterday was a truly sad day for rock and roll as one of it's original founding members passed away. Bo Diddley died yesterday of heart failure after months of ill health at the age of 79, and so I thought I would take today to mourn his passing, offer condolences to his family and friends, and more than anything celebrate his music, and lasting contributions to rock and roll.

Weezer, Lyrics, Record Labels and Why the Industry Needs to Change: A Rant

It seems the number of bands who are upset with their record labels, is sort of skyrocketing. Actually I think it's more so the number of bands that are coming out and speaking about their label troubles that is increasing, as opposed to the actual number of bands unhappy, because the times just seem right for bands to strike out on their own, what with the industry changing so rapidly right now. We can add Weezer to that list after a recent spat over their latest album, due out in the next few months (if not sooner).

Rock and Roll Found to be the Cure for Many Common Ailments!!

Exciting news today in the world of science. Starting back in the late 80s, prompted by the growing concern about what effect pop culture was having on the youth of the nation, the United States government started funding a project to determine exactly what effect listening to rock music has on an individual. Precise experiments were conducted with results that have surprised everyone except the rock enthusiasts.

Rock and Roll was found to be a highly effective cure for many common ailments including, but not limited to: close mindedness, old age, boredom and unhappiness.

Paul Rogers and Queen to Record New Material?

Little interesting bit of music news floating around recently. Apparently the collaboration between Paul Rogers and Brian May and Roger Taylor from Queen is ending up being quite a good match. The trio (although I'm sure there's a bassist there somewhere too, it's just not John Deacon) is even planning on recording new material under the name Queen. The group released a track called "Say it's Not True" back in 2007 on World Aids Day... a logical charitable choice... but apparently there were longer recording sessions and they're all digging what they're hearing.

Thoughts on the Smashing Pumpkins Suing Virgin and the Changing Music Industry

It seems that the turbulent end of the music industry (as we know it) is coming closer and closer. I mentioned in a previous post how the Smashing Pumpkins were supposedly going independent after breaking from all label contracts, and now it seems that a break from their label is not enough as they are also suing Virgin Records for breach of contract about using their music in unapproved contexts.

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