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Thoughts on the Possible End to Velvet Revolver

There's been a fair amount of "discussion" going on around various music sites that recent on stage problems with Velvet Revolver front man Scott Weiland might be the end of the band. In case you missed the reports from various other music news sources out there, Weiland has been in rehab again recently, been somewhat flaky on a few performances and even stated at one show, between walking off stage for no reason, that "they [the audience] were watching something special... the last tour of Velvet Revolver."

Nine Inch Nails Making Big Money with Online Release, More Bands to Follow?

Earlier this month another forward thinking band released a new album online ala the Radiohead mold. Nine Inch Nails latest 36 track instrumental project called Ghosts I-IV was released online March 2 with the first 9 tracks available for free, or the entire album available for a tide sum of $5. A $10 double CD set is set for release on April 8th, with a $70 deluxe edition and $300 autographed version following close on it's heels around May 1st.

How Unethical is the RIAA?

There are more nasty rumors floating around about the RIAA claiming that their greed goes far deeper than just suing the elderly, twelve year olds and the general music loving community. I know that before catching a a story on another site, I thought that the RIAA had pretty much bottomed out in terms of a being anything of a respectable organization. That apparently is not the case though, as some recent information seems to point towards the RIAA being completely devoid of ethics and fueled by nothing but greed.

Maxim Apologies To Black Crowes: Reviews, Reviewers and the Age of Bloggers

Have you ever read a music review and felt that the reviewer didn't even listen to the album because they were so off base? I certainly have, even from some very big name music magazines that shall remain nameless. It has not only been one of my major reasons for avoiding reading reviews, but also writing a few of my own. I understand that the major reviewers probably listen to a few hundred albums every day and they're under some major pressure to meet their deadlines, but I've always felt it takes multiple listens to really get a grasp of a new album and finalize my feelings about it.

Commemorating the Birthday of George Harrison

Today is a special anniversary in the rock and roll world. George Harrision would have turned 65 on February 25 2008. Although he has been dead for almost 7 years now, I find his music to be just as powerful as always and thought that it would be worth commemorating George's birthday.

UK to Ban Illegal Music Downloaders from the Internet?

Apparently the UK has come up with a way to prevent all the illegal downloading that's going on... cut the downloaders off from the Internet. That's right, in case you missed this bit of music industry news, a new Green Paper from the UK government is "supposedly" in the works that says ISP's should be required to implement a three strikes rule against those who use the Internet for acquiring pirated material and illegal file sharing. First strike would be an email warning, second a suspension and third a termination.

Thoughts on the Relevance of the Grammy Awards to Modern Music

Well yesterday another Grammy award show came and went. I didn't even watch this year. Normally I watch just for the live performances, or at least the few that actually interest me... the awards themselves just don't draw my attention. This year it seems more than a few artists who probably should have been acknowledged, were not, which seemed to upset some people. It didn't really bother me, perhaps because I rarely agree with the nominations, especially those for Album of the Year and some of the bigger categories.

Thoughts on Tom Petty and the Super Bowl Half Time

Well another Super Bowl has come and gone here in the United States. This year, (for a change maybe) the game was actually really exciting and there were even some decent commercials to keep everything engaged as well. The halftime show was Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and I thought they put on a good show as well, although maybe a different show than we're used to seeing for this event.

Stone Temple Pilots to Reunite this Summer and a New Velvet Revolver Album?

It seems that reunion tours always seem to draw attention, with good reason. This one is actually a bit of a surprise to me, but also quite exciting news if it goes off without a hitch... and there are the possibility for a few major hitches. A few people now have mentioned to the media that the Stone Temple Pilots will be reuniting for a series of shows this summer... exciting news, but I'm also a little hesitant to really get into it.

Music Continuing to Make a Difference with Anniversary Concert

It seems as if 2008 is another big year of anniversaries just like 2007 was. This time it's the 30th anniversary of the Rock Against Racism event that saw some 100,000 people protesting on the streets of London and concluding with a performance from one of my favorite bands: The Clash (there were a few other bands playing the event too). This April, Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) will stage a huge concert event in London's Victoria Park to commemorate the event and once again promote anti-racism/anti-fascism ideals and messages.

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