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Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Concert Anniversary Going Uncelebrated?

Today, January 13, 2008, marks the anniversary of a legendary event in the country music and rock and roll worlds. It was exactly 40 years ago today that Johnny Cash played his infamous Folsom Prison show. As much as this was a fantastic concert event, it was also a statement about who Johnny Cash was as a man. That comes through in the resulting recordings, which would remain on the Billboard's Top 200 charts for 122 weeks and has since become a must have classic for anyone who considers themselves any kind of a rock/pop/country music aficionado.

Exclusive Radiohead TV Broadcast to Start the New Year

Well, 2008 already looks to be an exciting year and at the rate the music industry is changing, it looks to be more exciting than even our first indications. Leading the pack with more exciting news once again is Radiohead. This time the band is going to be broadcasting an exclusive New Year's performance of tracks from their latest release, both online and on television, through

Here's the broadcast times for television:
December 31, 2007:
9 p.m. PST / 12 a.m. EST
10 p.m. PST / 1 a.m. EST
January 1, 2008:
5 a.m. PST / 8 a.m. EST

Fast Turnaround from the Smashing Pumpkins

We may have to end up chalking this up to music industry rumors or other less than reliable source, but being a bit of a rabid Smashing Pumpkins fan, this news really peaked my interest. Apparently the new incarnation of the Pumpkins is returning to the studio a bit sooner than first anticipated and is perhaps scheduled to release new material (in some format) on January 1st... yeah, as in a mere 16 days! How cool is that?

Rock and Roll Pioneer Ike Turner Passes Away at 76

There was some sad news on the rock and roll front yesterday when the iconic Ike Turner passed away at 76. Although he was probably more well known unfortunately for the negative reputation he earned of being abusive and having serious drug problems, Ike Turner was also one of the original rock and roll pioneers in the early 50s playing both piano and guitar ( being one of the first to utilize the guitar's whammy bar as a key to his sound), and was also integral in developing the talent of Tina Turner and bringing her into the spotlight.

A Triumphant Return: The Reviews of the Led Zeppelin Reunion Show are In

Well, this may be my third Led Zeppelin post this month already, but they are the band of the hour and being a fan, the band that is most prominent in my mind right now. This time the reviews of their reunion show are in. Most sources seem to agree, they were incredible and miles away from the last two somewhat unimpressive reunion shows the band played in 85' and 88'.

Thoughts on Recent EMI Music Industry News: Emi No Longer Backing RIAA

As you may have heard, recent reports indicate that music conglomerate EMI is pulling back its funding for the somewhat controversial RIAA and similar organizations. This is old news of course, being reported way back on November 29th, but perhaps you missed it if you only glance through the media's often uninteresting music related news like I do. I did catch it when first reported, but I've been trying to let my opinions settle as to what these actions actually mean.

Quiet Riot Singer Kevin Dubrow Found Dead

Perhaps you didn't catch the news that front man Kevin Dubrow of Quiet Riot was found dead in his Las Vegas hotel room a few days ago. I know I missed it entirely with the holiday etc, but I didn't see it covered by too many news sources either (maybe I missed it there) so it's possible it slipped through the radar.

Missing the Point? Thoughts on Radiohead Album Downloads Being Called a Failure

There's another bit of news in the past few days (maybe weeks) from the band that has stirred up everything in the music industry: Radiohead. After being heralded for their innovative technique of getting their music into the hands of the listeners... by letting people choose the price of the download... some sources are now reporting that the venture was a failure because an estimated 62% of people who downloaded the album chose to pay nothing for it. The band however states that those figures are inaccurate and furthermore don't reflect the true success of the project in the first place.

Live Earth CD and DVD to be Released

A few days ago I heard about an interesting CD/DVD release. The performances from the Live Earth concerts have been compiled and either are or will be released both digitally and in a double DVD/CD package.

Led Zeppelin Catalog Going Digital

As I'm sure you know by now, I'm a avid, and perhaps rabid, Led Zeppelin fan and so of course I had to comment on the fact that the band recently announced that on November 13, 2007 their entire catalog will be available in digital format. This officially makes November 2007 the month of Zeppelin, what with reunion concerts, new DVD and album releases and this news all coinciding well in a sort of well orchestrated multi pronged marketing attack.

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