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Crossroads 2007 to be Released on DVD

This news was pretty easy to see coming, but I'm still glad to have it confirmed. This year's Crossroads Guitar Festival, which was held right around Chicago, is going to be available on DVD this November 20th.

Thoughts on the New Radiohead Album to be Released Online

Perhaps you heard the news the other day, just about every music news outlet I saw had the story. After months and months of hearing that the latest release from Radiohead would not be out till early next year, this extremely progressive band has once again defied everyone's expectations.

The Sex Pistols Reunite and their 30th Anniversary

In a music industry that at the time is often being dominated by Disney stars and generic produced rock, we've ironically (or perhaps it's reactionary) also seen quite a return of early punk and proto punk bands. Both the Stooges and the New York Dolls released new material. I even saw the Dolls on SoundStage (Thankfully nix the full glam look they were known for... I don't think they could pull it off at their age, so I'm glad they didn't try).

Thoughts on Led Zeppelin To Play Ahmet Ertegun Tribute

Perhaps you didn't catch the big rock and roll news from yesterday, but it's true, Led Zeppelin will be reuniting. As exciting as that is, don't get your hopes up too much, (or perhaps do), as at this time it will only be for a one time tribute show to legendary Atlantic Records co-founder Ahmet Ertegun in the 02 Arena in London on November 26, 2007. The lineup will be the remaining three original members of the band, Plant, Page and Jones, with Jason Bonham (son of John Bohnam) on drums.

A Tribute to Hilly Kristal: Legendary Rock Venue Owner

Some places have a special heritage in rock and roll: Woodstock, the Fillmore, and punk rock's major birthplace, the CBGB in New York. Although the CBGB closed back in 2006, today I'd like to remember the venue and especially the man behind the venue: Hilly Kristal. A few days ago, Kristal passed away at 75 after a long bout with lung caner.

New Music from the Eagles: Their First Studio Album in 28 Years

I can't really make up my mind about bands getting back together to record after long periods of... well not recording. It always seems like such an exciting idea, especially when it's huge bands that are rock legends and the mere possibility of "new" music from them makes some people giddy and weak in the knees. When these things actually pan out though, there are only a few cases where it seems that the bands really capture something worth sharing, and that leads me to a wonder whether I'm glad those bands reunited or if I wished they had left it alone.

A Tribute to the King: The 30th Anniversary of the Death of Elvis Presley

On August 16th 1977, a tragedy struck the music world. It was 30 years ago today that Elvis Presley passed away and the music world forever lost an amazing musician and cultural icon. So much has been said about Elvis over the years that it seems almost ridiculous to try and say anything new, but I thought I'd give it a try on this anniversary of his death, as a tribute to the King of Rock 'n' Roll.

Lennon Solo Catalog Goes Digital, Harrison on the Way?

If you've been following music news in the past week or so then you've seen the announcements of how John Lennon's solo catalog available digitally, and according to some sources, George Harrison's will be by the end of 2007.

Both of these things are definitely exciting.

A Brief Tribute to the Merv Griffin: Game Show Pioneer, Composer and So Much More

Although this is not necessarily a music related post depending on your viewpoint, I felt it was necessary to acknowledge and pay tribute to Merv Griffin, who passed away yesterday from prostate cancer at the age of 82. Many of us younger folks might recognize this name merely the man behind Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, not knowing about his previous 20 year stint with The Merv Griffin Show and his time before that as a actor, host, vocalist and radio singer.

Pearl Jam and Lollapalooza Censorship: A Rock Concert Pointing to Bigger Problems?

It appears as if pop culture has another censorship issue on it's hands after Pearl Jam's recent performance at Lollapalooza. If you've been following the news recently, or any of the other major music news sites on the Internet I'm sure you've caught at least a small glimpse at what has taken place. Apparently At&T "mistakingly" censored part of their webcast of the band's performance, which as is pretty expected when dealing with a band like Pearl Jam, did not go over well.

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