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Interesting Times for Media, the Internet and Copyright Law: EMI and DRM News.

Latest news, (well maybe a few days or so late) in the world of downloading music is that EMI will be releasing there catalog of songs now without DRM- Digital Rights Management. This means that anything owned by EMI that can be purchased through Apple's itunes can now be used in more places than just Itunes and Apple related products.

Taken in by Expertly Crafted Led Zeppelin April Fools Prank

Today, while scouring the Interesting music blogs to read and perhaps contact, I came across The Lefsetz Letter, written by Bob Lefsetz. I glanced through it briefly before stumbling upon a past post of interest without even bothering to notice the date it was posted. I can't remember the last time I read an article on the actual day it as posted, so typically I don't even read the dates unless I want to know how recent the article might be for accuracy of information reasons. This was no exception.

Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007 Tickets Go on Sale to the Public Today

I am totally excited that Eric Clapton's collaboration show, the Crossroads Guitar Festival for 2007, is going to be held right here around Chicago. After seeing the DVD from the show back in 2004, I was a little down that I didn't get to go, (it was in Texas and like now, I was in Chicago). There was a DVD released of it though that was great. My only disappointment is that the festival wasn't available in its entirety either on DVD or CD, as there were a lot of artists who's performances weren't shown.

Preparing for the New White Stripes Album

I case you haven't noticed by now, I'm a big fan of the White Stripes. I've been listening to them since their commercial debut and within the course of about a month of when I first heard of them, they were my newest favorite band.

Briefly on the Return of Early Punk with New Records

If anyone has been following my articles on this site, you're probably well aware that I am a fan of the Stooges and so was thrilled to hear of the new release and the return of Iggy Pop to the rock and roll arena. The Stooges have had such an impact on modern rock music that it should be interesting to see how the new albums compares.

Thoughts On the Upcoming Smashing Pumpkins Return to the Rock World

As for those of you like me who are not as up on your music news as some people, you may be unaware that alternative era band The Smashing Pumpkins are planning on releasing a new album called Zeitgeist this July. This will be the band's first in about 7 years after breaking up for what everyone thought was for good.

Radiohead Going Label-less? The Changing Music Industry

If you happened to pick up a recent Time magazine, you might have noticed an interesting little music piece about progressive band Radiohead. I've been a Radiohead fan for a while now and have been anticipating a new album for quite some time. They've developed into quite a progressive and artist band and it appears that they are forging a new path again.

The Death of Audioslave and the Rebirth of Rage?

Typically I don't follow a whole lot of the music industry gossip that is passed around on the Internet let alone write about it and this is especially true about current mainstream music. I don't listen to a whole lot of it and don't care about celebrity gossip so most of the rumors aren't anything I'd be interested in enough to read. Everyday there is some new rumor that will turn out to be false and some new band is in the thick of it.

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