Soul of Rock and Roll Turns One!


Well I've been so busy recently that I almost missed the 1st anniversary of the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll site being up and running. Technically I was running sites like this for longer, but this music blog really got off the ground in February of 2007... one long year ago. It was February 25 actually, but oh well.

So much has changed since I started this site, but I'm absolutely thrilled with the support and readership it receives. It's growing every month and isn't showing any signs of stopping. I really like writing for this site... it's a good excuse for me to listen to and analyze music... and I'm glad that at least a few other people out there are passionate about music as well and enjoy reading what I have to say. I'm also thrilled with the success of the Carnival of Rock 'n' Roll, which will be running tomorrow. There have been so many great contributions from other bloggers that I look forward to seeing what new posts get passed along every month. It's really been a heck of a year and been quite a success.

So what's planned for the future of the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll?

Well, I have some really big plans for this site, but I don't know if/when they will be implemented. As the site continues to grow you never know, there may be additions made really expand into a full fledged community of music enthusiasts. Either way, I'm still going to be here writing about and sharing the music I like as often as I can.

Thanks to all the readers and supporters on this the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll's 1st birthday.

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